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Debunking CNU Sorority Stereotypes

*EDIT/DISCLAIMER: The quotes provided by individual sorority sisters below have not been approved by their executive boards.*

This article is here to show that the stereotypes are not true. These organizations don’t get the credit they deserve, because each and every one of them is unique and accomplished. Christopher Newport prides itself in its Greek Life, and we hope you will too.​

CNU is home to seven panhellenic sororities, also known as “social soririties”. But what do these chapters have to their name? How are they known by the students? We’re proud to bring you the myths and stereotypes about each of these organizations and the reactions of actual sisters.

Alpha Delta Pi

The Myth: 

  • “Most ADPis are ‘valley girl’ types. Very blonde.”
  • “They’re really cheery and sweet, but they seem more like a bunch of individuals rather than a unified organization.”
  • “The conglomerate.”

The Truth:

“The ‘valley girl’ stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. Panhellenic average was over a 3.0 last semester, with ADPi holding the highest overall GPA within sororities last year. Our sisters are part of Honors, members of Academic Honor Fraternities, listed among those on Dean’s List, and recognized often for achieving high educational standards. So, if you want to call us valley girls that is your choice, but we are smart enough to know our own intellectual capabilities. One of the most unique features of ADPi is the varied backgrounds, interests, involvements, and views held within our sisterhood. For those looking from the outside in, it may appear that we are ‘the conglomerate’, but I would argue we highlight individuality. As a sorority, we require each sister to be involved in at least one other organization outside of ADPi. We believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves, and this requirement is an avenue for sisters to do so. This is the common thread tying us all together. We share in our values for scholarship, sisterhood, service, and betterment of self, which unifies us as an organization despite our different backgrounds.” – A Sister of Alpha Delta Pi.

The Stereotype as told by an ADPi:

“The girls who know how to balance their academics, service, and social lives effectively”

Alpha Sigma Alpha

The Myth:

  • “Always Snacking Always”
  • “Micromanaging Moms, but generally very nice girls.”
  • “Welcoming group of girls who all have the same high pitched voices.”

*ASA’s comment has been removed*

Alpha Phi

The Myth:

  • “Literally all of them have their nipples pierced.”
  • “The hot sorority. They only let pretty girls in.”
  • “If it burns when it pees you know its A Phi.”


“This makes me laugh because people always comment about the nipple piercings, and I’m not going to deny or support the statement. But so what? What do my nipples have to do with you? If that’s what someone wants to do, then that’s awesome, but, if not, that’s also awesome. How do you measure a hot sorority? Everyone views beauty differently. In my opinion, I think there are hot girls but there are plenty of other hot girls in other sororities. If it was based on hotness I doubt I would’ve gotten a bid. I am my own person and definitely walk to to the beat of my own drum. Girls should join a sorority with a great group of girls not just because they’re ‘hot’ or ‘popular’, because those won’t bond you for life or create those memories. I can’t even get offended by that [the last one] because I know it’s not true. Everything is exaggerated and if it rhymes it’s catchy. Many say sisterhood is sisterhood lunches or movie nights. But, I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t like that for me. Sisterhood was where I found a squad of girls that really accepted me for me. I made really good memories with the people that truly mattered.” – A Sister of Alpha Phi

The Stereotype as told by an APhi:

“Outgoing, intelligent, and lots of quirky gems in Alpha Phi!”


Delta Gamma

The Myth:

  • “Most of them are girls you wouldn’t expect to be in a sorority.”
  • “The ‘weird girl’ sorority.”
  • “Probably the most geniuine group of girls, but they know that a little too much.”


“I feel like my sisters and I don’t fit under all of those negative stereotypes about what a sorority girl is, and in turn we may not seem like the types of people to join a sorority. But a sorority is so much more than how it’s portrayed in media. It’s not something that comes with molds that girls have to fit in for them to be a part of it. DG is filled with so many unique individuals, and that does make us seem ‘different’ from other sororities. But, that is one of the reasons that I love my sorority so much. We all are our own individual people but we are all bonded together by our love for DG. We do pride ourselves on being as genuine as possible, and sometimes that may get pushed a little too hard (especially at PNMs). But when you pride yourself on something so much, it’s hard not to want people to understand and see it the same way as you. I could see where some people would take that as being full of ourselves, but when people are looking from the outside into your sorority you want them to see the absolute best qualities you and your sisters share.” – A Sister of Delta Gamma

The Stereotype as told by a DG:

“The nicest group on campus, but also the most disorganized because we’re so new.”


Gamma Phi Beta

The Myth:

  • “The edgy, alternative hot girl sorority.”
  • “Chokers and too much eye makeup.”
  • “The party girls, the pretty girls, and the petty girls.”

The Truth:

“I would agree that GPhi is a pretty diverse group of girls and mostly made up of girls who dont wear all Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer (though we do have girls that do and fit in just as well as anyone else), but the term ‘hot girl sorority’ doesn’t cross my mind when I think of my sisters. There are some girls who wear chokers, but must of us roll up to class in minimal makeup and t-shirts. We also don’t go out more than any other Greek organization. We have very strict dinking policieis, and I don’t see us as petty at all. My sisters are the most supportive and encouraging group of gals I know! My sisters accept me for who I am and have never expected me to be any different than that. They value their academics, and we share a mutual love for memes and jokes. They always see the best in me, even when I can’t see it myself.” – A Sister of Gamma Phi Beta

The Stereotype as told by a GPhi:

“Girls who are strong, value diversity, and are obsessed with food haha.”


Phi Mu

The Myth:

  • “The second hottest sorority on campus.”
  • “Classy. Daddy’s money.”
  • “Typical airheaded srat girls. But they love each other.”

The Truth:

“Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and instead of ranking each other by looks, we should lift each other up. Especially since women in today’s society are constantly being told how to look. We have a number of women in our chapter who financially support themselves, so I don’t know where this idea of ‘daddy’s money’ is coming from. Also, everyone in Greek Life is intelligent. Heck, everyone at CNU is smart. This is a tough school, so calling us airheads is incorrect. Research shows being in Greek Life at CNU actually raises your GPA. And of course we love each other…we’re sisters! [This] Sisterhood to me is having someone there at your weakest moments and being there to celebrate the good times.” – A Sister of Phi Mu

The Stereotype as told by a Phi Mu:

“Love, honor, and truth.”


Zeta Tau Alpha

The Myth:

  • “No Bid? Snap Bid from Zeta.”
  • “The socially awkward sorority.”
  • “Probably the most innocent girls. The underdogs.”


“In regards to snap bids, girls should give this sorority a chance. Maybe they saw something in you that you didn’t see in them. You wanted to join a sorority, so you should give it a shot. You may just find your home. Some of the sisters in Zeta have social anxiety, making it harder for them to be in social situations. It’s a sorority with a number of introverts. There’s nothing wrong with that. Once you get to know these great women, you wouldn’t even notice. Being an introvert myself, and a sister, I learned how to come out of my shell in this organization. I was given an EC position too, pushing me out of my comfort zone. I went through formal recruitment with no intention of joining a sorority. When I walked into Zeta, I felt welcomed and all the girls wanted to know more about me. It didn’t feel like I was in recruitment, just a room of potential new friends. What you see is what you get with Zeta. It’s a diverse group allowing anyone to fit in. Zeta has been trying to get out of the underdog position, and these women are doing an amazing job. They’ve won Greek Week two years in a row now. Participation in Greek events has grown, and they are putting in amazing effort to win. This year’s Lip Sync performance was one of the best ones I’ve seen Zeta perform. I’m looking forward to seeing how we grow this organization.” – A Sister of Zeta Tau Alpha

The Stereotype as told by a Zeta:

“A group of down to earth girls. There will always be someone for you if you need them.”

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