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This Thursday, April 11th, Her Campus @ CNU will host its annual spring event, “CNU Women Are.” Being that this will be my final event as a CNU student, I wanted to reflect a bit about what I’ve found a CNU woman to be.


A CNU woman is strong in the face of adversity. 

She is smart, and isn’t afraid to show it.



A CNU woman is kind, and loving towards all. 

She is brave, even when life gets scary.



A CNU woman is adventurous. 

She is laughs in the face of the unknown.


A CNU woman fights for her fellow female.

She knows when to fight, and when to be a shoulder to cry on.


We’re asking everyone to come support our chapter this Thursday; we’ll be hosting a fundaraiser for the Center for Sexual Assault Survivors. Come fight for your fellow female, and let us know all the incredible things a CNU woman is!

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