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The Best Thanksgiving Foods

Hello dear readers, it's almost Thanksgiving time! Thanksgiving is a rather unusual holiday considering the historical inaccuracies but America celebrates it anyway. However, while it's not a favorite holiday of mine, it is still a fun enough holiday because of the food involved. As a result of Thanksgiving of being essentially a celebration of food, I thought I would express my opinions about it - and why stuffing is the best. 

Stuffing has always been the supreme Thanksgiving dish to me and I've never quite known why. Turkey, while a staple, has never been my favorite but mashed potatoes have been close. Stuffing provides what everything else on the Thanksgiving plate gives - variety. There are about a hundred different recipes on how to make stuffing and which one is the best. Don't believe me? Just check Pinterest

Personally, I am happy to eat the ones straight from the box because of convenience - but stuffing is good however you make it. The breadcrumbs cubes and spices really just bring the entirety of Thanksgiving together and I'm not quite sure why.

Another great thing about Thanksgiving? The rolls. Any sort of bread that is accompanied with your meal - whether it be white rolls, sesame rolls, or sweet rolls - makes your Thanksgiving food that much better. Mashed potatoes are also great by the way - especially when accompanied with gravy - so don't think I'm forgetting about them either. Mashed potatoes can be served all year round so I don't know how 'Thanksgiving' it really is.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has a not great history but at least it's an excuse to consume a lot of food and hang out with family. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Comment down below!

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