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Interested in beautiful makeup styles and a true crime guru? Then you’re gonna love Ms. Bailey Sarian!

Bailey Sarian has been a YouTuber since 2013. She has a series called “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” where she tells a true crime story while doing her makeup every Monday. She also began another series a year ago called “Dark History” where she discusses the not so bright side of pop culture on Fridays.

Let me tell you, Bailey does a gorgeous job. If you are a makeup fan looking for new looks, she is the girl I recommend. Whether you are looking for something subtle or enjoy eye-popping colors, all of Bailey’s looks leave you ready to grab your eye shadow and lip gloss to recreate her art. She also leaves all of the products she uses in the description box of her videos, so you can find her favorite products, as well.

Maybe you’re like me and like an interesting tale of true crime. Once again, Bailey comes in with the clutch! All of Bailey’s stories are actual events in history that she researches herself. One of the best things about Bailey’s “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” posts: she never tells you the same boogeyman stories the media portrays a thousand times. Bailey goes deep into history’s most twisted and wildest stories and introduces you to more than just the classic serial killers that usually come to mind. She pays respect to the victims of the story and tries to make such a heavy topic light, funny, and genuinely intriguing.

I highly recommend giving Bailey Sarian a try if you have some free time, want to hear riveting true crime, and find beautiful looks to try yourself!

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