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Annoying Starbucks Customers as Told By Michael Scott

Okay, shameless plug time: Starbucks is a great place to work. The company really cares about its employees, the environment, and the community. What other company gives its employees a free pound of coffee every week and free drinks every shift? However, the customers at Starbucks can be a bit much sometimes. If you’re wondering whether or not you fall into this camp of annoying customers, or you’re just here to see what atrocious things people do, here you’ll find a list of annoying things Starbucks customers do as told by Michael Scott GIFs. 

Freaks out over the Christmas cup designs

It’s just a cup, you guys. If you don’t like the design, bring your own cup. It’s better for the environment anyways.

Orders a really complicated frappuccino beverage

It already takes around seven steps to make a basic frappuccino.

Orders off the ‘Secret Menu’ without telling you how to make the drink

We know how to make a lot of drinks, but we don’t know how to make everything. We don’t mind making ‘secret menu’ beverages, but please have the recipe on hand.

Comes through the drive-thru but needs a minute to look at the menu

The drive-thru is where people go for speedy service. If you aren’t sure what you want to order, we have a wonderful menu in our cafe.

Asks one trillion questions about all different drinks only to order the same thing they always do

Despite these annoying things, we at Starbucks really do love our customers. Without you all, we’d be sitting alone in a dark cafe, eating stale croissants and crying about our lack of money. Seriously, thanks for coming in and making us smile every day!