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American Girl Doll Zodiac Sign: Predictions for the Semester

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

Let’s be real and honest: The American Girl Doll Historical Collection were the OG “it-girls” of our childhood. Each girl representing a crucial period in American history, these strong young women experience life growing up through national wars, political movements, and financial crises. Whether you owned a historical doll or not, there was certainly a favorite girl that resonated with your special interests. Read which American Girl doll shares the same traits as your Zodiac sign and what that means in terms of the success of the rest of the semester!

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One word: BOSS. Kaya is the impassioned, fiery Aries we all aspire to be in our boring lives. Kaya chooses adventure over idle living, sometimes too rashly and recklessly, but admirably courageous nonetheless. Outdoorsy gal who loves to expend her energy in physically active ways, you seek entertainment for enrichment. Award for most competitive goes to… Aries! You exude a huge encompassing energy that commands the room. That hothead spirit is not made for everyone, as you can rub some the wrong way with your braggy conquests and impulsive decisions (impromptu Craiglist pet purchase, anyone?). Although giving credit where it is due, Kaya and the Aries bestie possess a warm hearted soul. Your tried and true motto: Act before you think!

Semester Predictions: Your trusted buddies will have your back through Finals Season near the end of April! Love felt in abundance and attention is on you, babe. Just make sure to dedicate adequate time to your studies and grades as well as your relationships.

TAURUS: Kirsten

Seemingly modest on the outside, a Taurus is a covert explorer and an admirer of all things lavish. Like the Pioneer woman Kirsten is, you dream of a life filled with stability, the familiar, the fruits of your hard work and labor coming to fruition… in the form of yummy food and facial care. The sign of the bull, you have a stubborn strong-will and difficulty listening without jumping the gun. Responsibility and dependability are what contributes to your calming presence and lifelong companionship. You and Kirsten are the ultimate secret keepers and material gworls- get that bag.

Semester Predictions: It will be a low-key season, just how you prefer it. April is your prime time! Celebrate your accomplishments and progress with a night of self-care and meditation. Rest up properly, and you will be golden for your exams.

GEMINI: Josefina

It is time that we acknowledge that the two-faced identity rumor about Gemini is inherently false! Geminis simply can channel the extreme opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Versatility is a lucky gift! Like Josefina, you can appear thoughtful, sensitive, and patient like the saint that she is. You are also, however, skittish with bearing responsibilities, scared of being left alone, and nosy into everyone’s business. Queen Josefina is connected to nature’s healing powers, curious to examine the many magical aspects of her surroundings. I bet $100 that you would buy a tiny cottage home in the wilderness.

Semester Predictions: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s looking chaotic in your future. The romance department is looking hot, but the professional career is going to be stressful. Be on the ball for the remainder of the semester!


Imaginative, clever, yet hilarious and candidly blunt, Kit is the epitome of a Cancer girlboss. Like to pursue your career as an independent trailblazer, yet stopping to acknowledge your emotional and sentimental side. You shoot straightforward with your unfiltered thoughts and are known to be a charming class clown- as you loooooveee to discuss juicy gossip. Journalist, who? Probing news flash: you have too many guy friends around because you find them amusing to study. A loyal lover and a spunky fighter. Just be cautious of your moody, easily irritated feelings from rising to the surface unprovoked.

Semester Predictions: Opposite case of Gemini, you will be a bit on edge in your personal life. Lean on whatever support system you got and maybe do a little study session with them! However your work will be fulfilling, therefore, good marks will be incoming on your report card.

LEO: Molly

Built for the spotlight, you love to perform and receive due applause and attention for it. A lively chatterbox, idealistic dreamer, a leader not a follower… you wholeheartedly believe that you are the main character, and perhaps you really are that influencer on campus. Were you a theater kid in high school? Because the drama runs hot through your veins. Prone to being obsessed with appearances and a bit of a catty schemer, you can come across as an imposing beam of sun burning everyone’s eyeballs. But a beautiful ray of sunlight nonetheless!

Semester Predictions: Like the orator you are, April brings networking opportunities. Perhaps you meet someone who can hook you up with a new exciting job or internship? Stay on top of your boring schoolwork and emails, though!


Not to be biased to my personal sign, but Addy is conclusively confirmed as the elite American Girl doll. Who wouldn’t want to be represented by a resourceful survivor? Virgos are like superhumans with the comprehensive powers of both the left-side and right-side of the brain. They are methodical, well-read, and organized yet oppositely acting as empathetic, loving, and selfless. As the disappointed Earth goddess, people like Kaya find themselves being constantly disappointed in the behavior of humanity. These gentle humans oftentimes put the health and happiness of loved ones over their own. Their toxic traits are being too perfectionistic and taking their generosity to extremes. Virgos like Addy can miraculously balance a successful career and a peaceful family life. She is THAT GIRL.

Semester Predictions: Keep doing your usual routine and direction. Virgo consistently has their Google Calendar organized so the rest of the semester will be a breeze if you continue your typical habits. Watch for the upcoming sneaky Mercury retrograde though!

LIBRA: Julie

Like the OG hippie Julie, you are an energetic, fun-loving spirit who always is advocating for a good cause. You strive for equality, peace, and inner happiness as the balancing scale you are. Albeit social and crafty, you dislike change and are indecisive AF. Upbeat and lively on one side of the coin, fits of despair and impending sense of doom on the other. Anyone you meet is instantly your new BFF and I honestly envy that. Environmental girlie, horoscope follower, gratitude journal keeper: keep being the groovy, fun character that you naturally are.

Semester Predictions: This is your transition period and makeover era. Do not procrastinate communication, boundaries, and balance when it comes to your romantic endeavors. However, be mindful to not let that aspect of life dominate your mind and overpower your studies.

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Cameron Smith / Her Campus

SCORPIO: Rebecca

Now, you are one tough cookie to crack and analyze its ingredients. As you are a person of few (yet mysteriously wise) words, you find yourself as an shadowed outsider in the passing masses. Similar to how Rebecca is mentally mature and resourceful, you have an innate knack for difficult studies like math, finance, and games of strategy. You often get a bad rep, giving “villain era” vibes with your plotting brain and jealous temper- a sharp tongue like the snap of a scorpion. But you are the most gorgeous looking babe around, so keep strolling confident in your peculiar ways. No shame in your game.

Semester Predictions: It is okay to ask for help from professors if you are struggling with the workload! Do not be too prideful that you do not speak up during tense times. Tough love, honey.


You act like an active, untamed mare galloping across the world one adventure at a time alike Felicity and her beloved horses. Disclaimer: I am not hinting that you are a neighing horse girl. As a daring, slightly over-confident, fighter, you charge headstrong into a new experience. Always in a rush to go go go, you lose people along the journey with your tactlessness and flighty brain. However, society needs passionate, brave individuals who share their progressive opinions for good. You probs are interested in politics and human rights, just like the colonial patriot lobbyist.

Semester Predictions: Your health might take a hit if you do not properly care for yourself during finals season. Do housekeeping of your body by staying healthily hydrated and sleeping sufficiently. Be mindful that self-care can be lonely and isolating, but it is worth it for a strong end to the spring semester.


There was no question as to who embodies the traits of Capricorn: the plainly obvious answer is Samantha. Strictly rational and scientific in your thinking process, you resiliently persevere through hardships like Samantha as an orphan. Your ambition is above the rest, and your capability and bright intellect can take you to the top of the latter. CEO or First Woman President fr. Emulating a visionary leader, you passionately speak publicly about your niche interests and imaginative goals to hopefully inspire innovation. Shockingly though, Capricorns like Samantha have a hidden playful and wild side to their usual sophisticated, prompt selves they present to strangers. Like a sour patch kid, first they are sour (or more like bitter when you wrong them) and then they are sweet (generous friend).

Semester Predictions: Workaholic: keep on chugging! No doubt will you be acing your papers and tests, but just remember that decent balance with your studying and social life matters. Do not neglect your peers for academic validation.


In all honesty, who exactly ARE you internally? Your wheelhouse of traits defy every category and transcend past stereotypes, which makes you an enigma. Eccentric and a funky, avant-garde fashion diva, an Aquarius holds a high-reputation. Cécile is an original figure with her outspoken views and shining charisma that makes her quite popular in a big city. Ornate parties, cutesy animals, and volunteering for the less fortunate are your forte as an Aquarius. Head held up high confident, this air (or water) sign chases the highs of freedom and quickly loses interest in things that do not present as fun. Do not act so aloof and secretive like a cult leader or your peers might fear your peculiarity.

Semester Predictions: April represents a mental challenge. To avoid any possible drama interfering with school, take a trip home one weekend to relax and work on expressing your feelings in relationships. It will give you good karma with your professors and classmates for finals.

PISCES: Caroline

Oh the sweet, worrisome Pisces. Caroline is a dead ringer for a Pisces persona, as she spends most of her days outdoors near the harbor dreaming about people-pleasing. Very artsy and creative in your approaches to lifestyle, you often work alone and are perceived as introverted yet you despise feeling left out of the crowd. You crave inclusivity and affection, as you are a frequent victim to anxiety/FOMO. Despite your meek nature, you are very intuitive (as you can read facial expressions like a map) and up for daring pastimes.

Semester Predictions: Keep your chin up, darling! Have confidence that you have put in the exceptional work that will pay off in your classes’ closure. It is okay to be a homebody, as long as you aren’t anxiously putting off homework because you are scared of failure.

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