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7 Reasons Paddington 2 Should Win Best Picture

If you know me at all, you know I love Paddington. The first Paddington was absolutely amazing, so when I saw that Paddington 2 was coming out, I was equally excited and nervous. What if it didn't live up to my expectations? What if it was too cheesy? As soon as I sat down in the theater, all of my doubts went away. Paddington 2 is a killer movie. In fact, it is quite possibly better than the original. Personally, I think it should win Best Picture of 2019. Here's why:

1. Paddington's motto is "If you're kind and polite, the world will be right."

If he isn't the sweetest animated bear, I don't know who is.

2. Sally Hawkins plays an excellent Mrs. Brown.3. There's enough humor to keep both children and adults entertained.4. Hugh Grant plays an amazingly evil villain.

Who knew Hugh Grant could be such an amazing character actor?

5. Paddington is the perfect blend of mischievous and respectful.6. The storyline was so much fun to follow.

Train chases, airplane rides, and prison musicals--can you ask for much more than that?

7. It's a comedy, tearjerker, and heart warmer all in one.

As you can see, Paddington 2 is an amazing movie, and Paddington is an amazing bear. Here's to Paddington 2 (hopefully) winning Best Picture of the Year!

Adelaide is a senior at CNU pursuing a BA in English w/ an emphasis in writing. After graduation, she plans to become an Editorial Assistant in Manhattan. In her free time, Adelaide loves reading books, playing with her two wonderful cats, and spending time with her grandpa.
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