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7 Must Know Tips to Makeup

Makeup has become a way to express your creative side and enhance your already amazing features, but there is always room for improvement in your personal makeup routine. Here are a few tips you should follow in order to form the most put together look.

Moisturize and prime the skin before anything else! It is so so so important to bring moisture to the face and lay an even base on the skin before applying foundation. Primer will smooth out pores, calm blushed skin, and brighten the face.

Know your undertone! It is so important to know the undertones of your skin, so you can match your foundation shade the closest to your skin complexion. Some different undertones include cool, warm, and neutral. Cool toned means you have pale skin with slight pink tones. Warm means you are more tan, with yellow or peachy tones, and neutral is when you have no distinct tone, just somewhere in the middle. But don’t worry, there is foundation on the shelves for neutral skin also! 

Be light on the contour! Contouring the face with bronzer, blush, and highlight is super in right now, but remember less is more. Caking on bronzer will make your face appear muddy, and bring out the texture of your skin that you tried to conceal with foundation (which means you are making more work for yourself). My biggest tip is to only focus the bronzer on your cheek bones, temples of your forehead, and jawline. 

BLEND BLEND BLEND!!! For an even, flawless face, make sure to blend everything to the best of your ability. The Beauty Blender is the best way to apply foundation and concealer, and it is an essential to own in your makeup collection. Just dampen the beauty blender, and buff the product onto the face. This will fix any harsh lines, or streakiness. Don’t forget to blend down the neck!

Use black eyelash glue when applying falsies. Wearing false lashes isn’t something we all do on a daily basis, but when you do, I recommend using black eyelash glue. It dries the same color as the lashes and eyeliner, and ensures you won’t have dried up white glue messing up your eye look.

Setting Spray is your best friend! Once you finish your entire makeup look, use a setting spray to lock everything into place. The combo of primer and setting spray will help your makeup stay on flawlessly for much longer. Setting Spray also can help smooth your face if it looks a little cakey. My favorite setting spray is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.

Dupes! Makeup can get really expensive, so finding dupes for makeup can help you save money and still come up with a great look! There are tons of videos on YouTube comparing high end products to drug store products, and there are some great finds out there!

CNU student, dancer, sister of Delta Gamma, and Director of Photography for CNU Her Campus!
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