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ARIES: March 20-April 20 // Fire Element

Aries season is slowly approaching, and the latest astrology kick has gotten us pretty interested in signs and traits. Although we all have specifc signs, sometimes we find ourselves identifying with parts of other signs. Here’s some Aries traits that may have you second guessing your sign!

1. Aries is the most independent sign.


Compared to other signs, an Aries is the most independent. This sign is very headstrong, and usually extremely opinionated. Aries’ know what they want, and know how to get it.

2. Aries’ are very competative.

A true Aries is extremely competative. For them, everything–big or small–is a competition… and they will win.

3. An Aries is almost always enthusiatic.

Aries’ are the “go-getter” in a friend group. They have a lot of energy, and are ready to take on the world.

4. Aries’ have a strong “take charge” attitude.

This Aries attitude can be a pro and a con. They are driven, and determined to get things done. However, this attitude can come across as harsh, mean, and uncaring. An Aries really needs to pay attention to how they communicate with others to be sure they get their point across effectively without being too overbearing.

5. An Aries’ fire-sign can be a strength… and a weakness.

Fire signs are very firey, fun, and vibrant. They also tend to be explosive, semi-unpredictable, and they can be somewhat selfish. An true Aries needs a Cancer, an Aquarius or a Pisces to balance them. These water signs will temper the extremes of the fire sign, and help balance the heat an Aries can have. 


Do you have an Aries quailties? Let us know in the comments below!



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