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5 Ways to Survive the Mid-Semester Slump

Now that Spring Break is over (cries), we’re in the last homestretch of the semester, and the school year (yay)! While it’s exciting that summer is almost here, I know a lot of us are experiencing the mid-semester slump. The weather is starting to get nice, summer plans are being made, summer is in sight, and we’re all just getting a little tired of school. So, here a few of my favorite tips to get over the hump and push through the last little bit of the semester!

1.Change Up Your Study Space

I typically do my work at my desk in my room, but sometimes, especially around this time in the semester, I find myself unable to focus there. When this happens, the best thing to do is just change up your scenery. This could be going to Einstein’s and grabbing a coffee and doing work there, maybe try the library, or out on the Lawn if it’s a nice day. Something about changing up your location and getting out of the rut and routine really can help you and recharge and refocus!

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2. Find Study Inspiration

One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling lazy and unmotivated is going onto Pinterest or Tumblr and looking at pictures of study inspiration, or “studyspo” as the kids call it. Seeing all these pictures of cute, organized planners, or beautiful, detailed notes really helps to motivate me to get stuff done. Warning: sometimes, though, I get too caught up in this and sit there for hours looking at pretty notes — use this tip with caution.  

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3. Get Moving

This one is pretty basic, but try your best to get some activity in your day. This could be as structured as going to the gym, or as simple as just going for a casual walk around campus. Getting some activity and some fresh air is really important for giving your brain some time to relax, is good for your physical and mental health, and a lot of times can help you feel more focused and motivated when you get back to your work. 

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4. Keep Clean and Organized

Personally, I feel like I focus the best and can get the most done when my space is neat and organized. However, sometimes when I get stressed and busy, I tend to put that sort of stuff on the back-burner. Before I know it, my bed hasn’t been made in a week, the dishes aren’t done, and my clothes are everywhere except the closet or the hamper where they should be. Then I’m left wondering why I can’t seem to focus or get anything done. My point here is to take a few minutes to pick up your stuff and make your bed, because a clean room equals a clear mind. 

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5. Have fun!

While it is obviously important to keep your grades up, it’s still important to have balance and let yourself have fun! Especially as spring starts the roll around and the weather gets nicer, make sure you get out and have fun! Plan fun weekend trips with your girls, go see a movie, hit the beach! There’s lots to do and lots of memories to be made! Stay smart and keep your grades up, but enjoy yourself!  

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I'm a junior at CNU majoring in communication studies and minoring in psychology. I spend most of my time in the library or binge-watching somethng on netflix. I enjoy the outdoors, a good cup of coffee, taking care of animals and the environment, and writing articles about topics that matter to me. Enjoy!
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