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5 New Years Resolutions You Know You Won’t Do

Every year we tell ourselves “I’m going to do this thing next year!”. Sometimes we get them done, but often we lose our motivation about a month into whatever it is we were determined to do. Here’s a list of the most common new years resolutions that we don’t ever do but still put on our lists every year.

1) “I’m gonna lose __ pounds before the summer!”

Every year we just aren’t happy with our body image, and we want to lose a certain amount of weight before beach season. And, usually when we head back to school or work, we’re determined to start going to the gym regularly. We might even sign up for a fitness class (#me). For those of us who are even more determined, we’ll go to the gym for a solid month or so before losing our mojo. Some of us will start going on diets that are ridiculously unconventional and ultimately expensive to keep up with. Eventually, the desire for the gym is outweighed by the frigid cold outside, the junk food of the dining halls, or the natural stress of life. So don’t feel bad if you don’t make it to the gym five times a week for the next 6 months before summer. Or if you give up on that diet that made you miserable. Most of us don’t make it.

2) “I’m cutting out junk food!”

This one sort of goes with the previous resolution. Usually after whatever new years party we’re at, we realize we just injested the most fattening and calorie fillied substances on the planet. We loved it, sure, but ultimately we know it’s not good for us. With the rise of veganism and other eating fads, we decide it’s time to cut out the junk food and clense our bodies. After all, your body is a temple, right? I’ve found this to be the hardest resolution to keep because eating healthy isn’t cheap. Have you been in Whole Foods? It’s expensive af. And dining hall food is much more accessable. Even Cookout is a lot easier to get my hands on then fresh fruits and veggies or non-gluten products. Eventually we all realize that keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is gonna cost us, and it ultimately ends up being tossed from the resolution list.

3) “I’m going to read more this year!”

We want to be knowledgable, well read individuals. We do. And at the beginning of the year it’s easy to say that we’ll read one book every week or every month, even. But life is hard, there’s a lot to do, and after a long day at work or school, reading a book just sounds terrible. Most of us will sit back and watch an episode of our favorite Netflix show instead. Don’t feel too bad. There’s only 24 hours in the day, and you spend 8-10 (or 12 if you’re me) of those sleeping. There’s not always enough time to be a reader. Maybe this summer?

4) “I want to find love this year!”

This is a strange one, because honestly do you have any control over that? Not really. You can start putting yourself out there more, maybe get on Tinder or something, but ultimately you can’t find love. Love will find you. But alas, this finds itself on the resolution list more times than I can count. Everyone wants to find love, and preferrably before Valentine’s Day. But most of us realize sooner rather than later that determination is not the only factor, and it’s a two way street. Don’t feel too bad about this one not being fulfilled, it’s not a very conventional resolution.

5) “I’m going to travel the world!”

Again, a bit much for a resolution. Most of us don’t feel like we travel enough. We’ll tell ourselves we’ll be more adventurous this coming year. We will take more trips, maybe even backpack around Europe. But traveling is hella expensive, and honestly, life doesn’t always give you those opportunities. Someone in your family might get really sick, you might get an amazing opportunity in your hometown that would be stupid to pass up, who knows. Be willing to travel, but don’t expect to travel all seven continents this year. If traveling is something you’re passionate about, you’ll find a way. Even if it takes some time.


The moral of the story is to take what life gives you and roll with it. Things change, you change, some things end up mattering more than others. Maybe fitness ends up being your niche this year but traveling doesn’t. Maybe you go full vegan but reading just isn’t your style any more. It happens, and be proud that you grew this year rather than just got things done on a silly list. Happy New Year, friend.

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