5 Freaky Movies on Netflix to Watch for Halloween

Netflix is, like, the Queen of weird movies (I say Queen because it interrupts you to ask something annoying  -- yes, I’m still watching). Halloween is the best time to watch these movies, even if you’re like me and don’t mind watching them all year round. I love weird, scary, freaky movies, and Netflix has tons of them. Special shoutout to my roomies (esp. you PBrady) from last year for introducing me to 4/5 of these films and not hating me for looking up the ending to them while we watched them!


Yo, this movie is the most intense and weirdest of all tbh. Basically, this deaf chick has to avoid being murdered by this psychopath who taunts her from outside/inside her remote two-story, lavish home in the middle of the woods after murdering her neighbor. 12/10 would recommend bc this is scary af.

13 Cameras

Another creepy one. Weirdly buff old guy watches these two people by outfitting their house with a bunch of video cameras. There’s enough scandal and creepiness to go around. 8/10 for the fact that the plot’s a little odd.


This movie will have you throwing stuff at the TV because the protagonist is SO FREAKING DUMB SDF;JAEOI. This man literally responds to a Craig's List ad to come take a video for a man who claims he’s dying of cancer. It just gets hella weird from there -- especially the whole "Peach Fuzz" thing. 8/10 because the main character annoys me and the cinematography is pretty low qual.

The Invitation

Ex-wife invites ex-husband, his new girlfriend, and all their old friends to have dinner and make amends/start anew. Except, when their new friends show up, it’s a little bit more terrifying than you think. 10/10 because the ending is crazy AF.

The Shining

(PSA The Shining is being removed from Netflix 10/1 so watch it now before it’s too late!!!)

IT might be all the craze right now, but The Shining is a classic that will either eff you up or leave you wondering what the heck you just watched (tbh all Stephen King books-turned-movies are like that). Set in a really creepy old mansion, featuring ghosts and blood and a little kid on a tricycle, this movie has all the makings of a real freak-oid. 100000/10 because my mom is probably reading this and it's one of her favorite movies (plus it's just that good).