10 Things: September

Hi all I hope your week is starting out well. Mine is going ok but I’m tired (more naps needed). Anyway I wanted to introduce you to a new series I just came up with. It’s about 10 things to do for the month.I plan to do this for each month giving basic ideas about different things that I hope make people smile in spite of our current America and World. So without further ado I give you 10 things: September.

  1. 1. Read a book

    woman reading a book on a couch in a library

    So I've been working on this one book since maybe June and I am hoping to finish it this month. So for my fellow book lovers and also to my non book lovers I want you to just read one book for the month of september. Not something you have to read for class but something that interests you.

  2. 2. Take a nature walk

    While we still can before it gets too chilly. Close to CNU we have the Noland Trail which has a beautiful view of the Mariners Lake. 


  3. 3. Go to a coffee shop

    person pouring coffee

    Not a Starbucks or Dunkin. Support the locals. In Newport we have this one in City Center called Aromas. A nice quaint place with specialty drinks like “Snickers Latte” and “European Sipping Chocolate”.

  4. 4. Make a playlist

     My most recent playlist is titled “Junior Year Chill” and it features some Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Ashe, Smash Mouth, Brantley Gilbert, and Halsey just to name a few. 

  5. 5. Go to the beach

    Aaron Burden

    One last time, social distancing and only if you feel comfortable.

  6. 6. Buy something new for your wardrobe

    Fall is in the air with PSL and everything spooky trying to make its appearance. Why don’t you go out and buy a new cardigan. 

  7. 7. Start a new show

    Girl watching Netflix

    New school year, new show?

  8. 8. Play a game

    On my phone I am currently playing Homescapes and Property Brothers (both having to deal with renovating houses). Then I play solitaire by myself and a card game called Nertz with my friends. 

  9. 9. Go to a Farmers Market


    Help support our local farmers and get some delicious fresh fruits and vegetables

  10. 10. Try Something new

    Whether that be a new workout, new recipe, or just switching up your everyday routine. 

Alright so that was the first installment of the 10 things series. I hope you enjoyed and see ya in October.