10 Things: January

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you! I hope the beginning of your 2021 has been ok. I have some hope for this year so let’s get into 10 things you can do in January.

  1. 1. Write out your goals

    Back-to-school supplies, agenda
  2. 2. Post Holiday Shopping 

    Stores still have some deals going on so I would look out for those.

  3. 3. Spend Time with your pets

    fluffy cat

    If you don’t have a pet there are some incredible animals waiting for their forever home at your local animal shelter

  4. 4. Start a New Show

    New year new show? I am actually looking to finish up Dance Moms and then I will be looking for a new show

  5. 5. Take a quick walk outside

    Person Stands on Brown Pathway
  6. 6. Make a Routine 

    During the holiday season routines can become nonexistent, get back into your routine or try a new one

  7. 7. Do something local

    Colorful hands

    Whether that be going to your local coffee shop or stopping by your local art museum. Sometimes there are cool things to do right in our own backyard

  8. 8. Deep Clean Everything

    From your bathroom to giving away clothes you haven’t used in a while. January is the perfect time to deep clean your place.

  9. 9. Try Your Best 

    not just today and not just tomorrow but forever

  10. 10. Try Something 

Thanks for reading! Until next time.