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With Valentine’s Day this week, many people have been wondering what kind of romantic surprises the Universe may have in store for them this year. Well, fear not! I’ve put together some love horoscopes for all the signs to help you figure it out. Use your sun sign, or if you know it, try reading the horoscope for your Venus sign!


This Valentine’s Day, your love of success will overlap with your lovelife, Aries. Your goals in romance will likewise bloom, with your Venus giving you an extra boost in your romantic endeavours. Your desires for connection and passion are enhanced with good luck by your Jupiter sign, helping your journey towards your goals, even if you don’t necessarily achieve them today.


Taurus, the day of love for you this year will be all about your romantic journey and learning to trust your intuition, as well as your emotions. As a Taurus you have a naturally emotional nature, but your Venus will give that emotion a more far-reaching or spiritual level. Both emotion and intuition will steer you well, but be on the lookout for people who may be hiding their true feelings from you today.


Your naturally communicative nature makes a day all about feelings for you, Gemini. Your Venus will be enhancing any of your strong feelings today, especially those you may be hiding, and you have a strong chance making new connections or strengthening already existing relationships. Don’t let fear of new things keep you from taking a chance today!


This Valentine’s day for you, Cancer, is all about your connections and relationships and you may want to passionately pursue your romantic goals. Being ruled by the moon, your ability to communicate your emotions will be strong today, but you must stay aware of your emotions and make sure they don’t get out of hand.


Love for you today, Leo, is all about practicality and wisdom. Jupiter is on your side, giving you good luck with romance, so reflect on yourself and what romance you want, and allow your journey to take you where it will. You have a good chance of connecting with someone today!


Lucky Virgo, today your Venus is smack dab in your house of love and romance! Your ability to attract happiness, love, and strong feelings today is strong, but don’t feel like you need to go out to find it. Staying home can be just as fulfilling for you today as a hot date or a night on the town, either with someone else or for yourself.


Your Jupiter and Mars are close together today, Libra, bringing good luck and boldness to your relationships and communication with others, both romantically and platonically. Sometimes the home is the most romantic – don’t forget to remember your roots and show your family and yourself a little love today, too.


While staying grounded isn’t always your strong suit, Scorpio, it’s a good thing to remember today. Your feelings may get the best of you, but if you focus on communication and nurturing your current relationships, your love will bloom. Familial or platonic love will play a big role for you today, so be open to it when it comes.


You have a lot of romantic energy this Valentine’s, Sagittarius, and you should let yourself loose to give that loving energy to those around you! Just make sure to examine how far past the surface those feelings may go – while they’ll turn out well, make sure they’re rooted in more than a passing fancy or a crush.


Give your feelings space to breathe, Capricorn. Your intuition is trying to tell you something, and while you may want to keep secrets, you should listen to what it as to say. Be aware of yourself and mindful of what you and those around you may be feeling today.


Your love life today, Aquarius, is as mysterious as the ocean. Spend some quiet moments, listening to your subconscious thoughts and feelings. You’ll have good luck today connection with others and communicating with friends and family alike, thanks to a helpful Jupiter and Mars, so allow yourself to feel at home with others today.


Your Venus today fosters connection and the growth of your personal wishes for love, Pisces. While your feelings may have a lot of energy, your personal self will be very attuned to your intuition. Trust those feelings and use your Jupiter to bring you success in your goals and aspirations for today!

              While you can take all of these with a grain of salt, let them guide you on the 14th! Wishing you a Valentine’s filled with love, no matter the kind,



(Illustrations by Maddie Edgar)

Sarah is a freshman studying Theatrical Design and Production at Carnegie Mellon University. One day she hopes to design costumes for Star Wars and Marvel films or television programs, but for now you can find her in her free time hanging out in her dorm drawing or watching TV, trying out a new mug cake recipe, or reading her latest National Geographic issue. You can follow her on Instagram at @theocqueen to see all her latest doodles and sketches.
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