Why Buzzfeed’s Tasty is Simultaneously the Best Thing and the Worst Thing

As an avid and unabashed follower of Tasty, I can easily say that I spend way too much time watching Tasty videos. It is literally the only reason I scroll down my news feed now, and I know that I’m not alone in this. At times when I am bored, or awkwardly sitting somewhere with nothing to do, I know I can turn to Tasty for well needed entertainment and tips. I don’t even get annoyed at those Nifty videos that are always shared on their page anymore, but that’s beside the point.

Of course, ever since Tasty has become popular, it has been a goal of my friends to make something from their videos. We had dreams of making a delicious strawberry shortcake or maybe some stuffed French toast. For our first time, we wanted to go easy, so we picked a recipe with minimal ingredients that also seemed difficult to mess up: the chocolate raspberry cups (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJtyiGByQzA&list=PL8zglt-LDl-gZa9icq9eqs_vtRew5gy2-&index=41, for anyone curious).

It honestly just amounts to blending some fruit and cream cheese and putting chocolate on mini cupcake wrappers, and it shouldn’t have been hard to make. Of course, we were wrong about that. We heated up the chocolate so it was nice and creamy, but let me tell you, you really don’t want to leave it too creamy and thick. It is also pretty difficult to get chocolate completely on these wrappers, because you don’t want the layer to be too thin but you also don’t want to use up too much chocolate. But that was only the beginning of our struggles.

When we tried to pull out the chocolate from the wrappers, we saw a disadvantage of having a warm body temperature: when you touch frozen chocolate, it melts. As soon as we took half of a chocolate cup out, the other half started melting. We could not get any perfect cups. Eventually, we settled for getting shards of chocolate and artfully placing them on the filling.

In the end, it wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as Tasty’s videos, and we giving all the ugly ones to other people. But it was pretty delicious, so props to Tasty for that.