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Top 3 Liza Koshy Moments

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CMU chapter.

If you spend anytime down the rabbit hole that is Youtube, you’ve probably heard of Liza Koshy. The twenty-one year old has won two Streamy awards as well as a Teen Choice Award for her videos, though she also starred in several other productions such as Freakish, a Hulu original series, as well as Escape the Night on Youtube Red. Liza has had a great deal of success so far in her career –and it’s no wonder why! Her content is both hilarious and well done, so if you aren’t one of the 11.9 million people already subscribed to her, here’s three moments from her videos that will convince you to hit that red button!


3.  Driving With Liza

One of her continued segments, Liza speaks to her viewers while driving, cracking many jokes along the way. In the most recent installment (Driving with Liza Part 4) Liza has a bit where she displays several ways to get into the car, which includes but isn’t limited to: The “I usually take an Uber” and “I thought this door was a push not a pull.” Though there were many funny moments of this video, the various entrances were by far the best.


2. Helga in Target

One of Liza’s characters, Helga is a visitor to America that may or may not be “related” to Liza. She is often seen making puns as Liza does, but with a twist, including jokes regarding the fictional country that Helga is from. Every moment with Helga is great, but her jokes in target stand out by far.


1. 73 Questions with Jet Packinski

Another one of Liza’s characters, all moments with Jet are hilarious. One in particular though, takes the cake. In a vogue parody, Liza does 73 Questions with Jet Packinski, going around the house making a mess while answering the questions with very witty responses. For example, David  (Liza’s boyfriend) asks “are you superstitious?” and Jet responds, “I am extremely stitious.”

These descriptions of course don’t do her videos justice, so go check out her channel now!

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