A Strange Request at a Piano Bar

Hello dear readers and welcome to a new year. I have decided to start my first ever series on the CMU Her Campus website. To help me on my journey into writing fiction stories again I bought this writing prompt book ‘Write the Story’. I have decided to post my short stories here and comment on how the prompts helped and what images they evoked in me. I hope you enjoy my stories and if you would like, maybe you could try some of the prompts yourself. Without further ado, here is my first story:


Prompt: A Strange Request in a Piano Bar

Words to Include: carnival - apple - sprained - juvenile - mask - sassafras - awkward - controversy - oxidation - twirl


She twirled her way to my table. The mask she wore covered only half her face and was reminiscent of oxidized iron, yet it seemed to suit her vibrant personality. Her lips shinned with the gloss of a freshly picked apple. As she neared my table I could smell the faintest hint of sassafras on her person. She twirled to a stop, reaching my table and gracefully leaning on the top. I could feel her presence begin to overtake my own, making me feel juvenile and awkward for daring to bask in her light. I could feel the glares and jealousy of the other patrons burning me the longer we continued to share the same space.

She leaned closer and my mind briefly wondered if the other patrons sprained their necks the way they seemed to follow her movements. Her lips parted as she whispered one word into my ear. My eyes began to widden. How could this be? No one has ever requested such a thing from me before and surely not where other patrons could realize our arrangement. My heartbeat quickened from the anxiety and excitement that began to play inside me. Could I pull this off? Should I follow her request? I glanced back in her direction, the corner of my lips pulled my mouth into a sinister smile, my anxiety fading into pure excitement. Then again, what delicious controversy this will bring to this dull town. I eagerly rise to my feet, my dress shifting from the movement. I offer her my hand and together we leave the establishment. The carnival master would be thrilled to see the change she has brought about in me, all due to one strange request.