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Squishmallows Update: New Faces, Same Squishy Wonder

It’s time to check back on the most wonderful plush on Earth, Squishmallows!

If you aren’t obsessed with Squishmallows like I am, you probably haven’t thought about them in a while. You probably aren’t on their email list either, and that’s fine. It’s probably the mature and adult decision . . . but, not being on the email list means you might not have heard about all the exciting Squishy developments since the last time I raved about Squishmallows. That means I get another chance to rave about Squishmallows to get you caught up. Everybody wins!

First and foremost, there are new Squishmallows! In addition to the Original and Spring Squads, we now have the Baby Squad, the Stackables Squad, the Halloween Squad, and the New Squad.


The Baby Squad Squishmallows come in soft, pastel colors, and the eight-inch ones all have rattles inside. It’s a perfect collection for a baby’s-first-Squishmallow, but also for any adult’s first Squishmallow too, I think. You’re never too old for squishiness, but maybe we’ll leave the rattles for the children.


            The Stackables Squad Squishmallows are a bit flatter than regular Squishmallows. That allows for tons of stacking fun and tall Squishmallow towers! Squishmallow Jenga probably wouldn’t work very well though. . . .


            The Halloween Squishmallows are adorable versions of some of our favorite Halloween creatures. Perfect for a Halloween surprise, but really, getting one of these guys would be great no matter what time of year it is. Softness isn’t seasonal by any means.


The New Squad has all kinds of great new faces. There’s Rocky the raccoon, Sawyer the squirrel, Gary the giraffe, and even Danny the dinosaur! Though you definitely need to get a side or aerial view of Danny so you can see his spikes and understand what he is. Otherwise he looks a bit like an apple. A very cute apple that, let’s be honest, I’d definitely still want, but the spikes and tail are too adorable to miss.




            Bonus! Squishmallows also made an exclusive collection of new characters for Justice to sell in their stores. There’s so much going on with colors in these ones, and their faces are so expressive! The sloth is so dang happy, and just look at the fox’s eyes.


            Squishmallows have also expanded in where they’re available for purchase now. In addition to Walgreens and Costco, Squishmallows are also available at Walmart, Target, Albertsons, Party City, Gamestop, and several other stores. They’re also available on Amazon and the Squishmallows website, so you don’t even have to leave your house to get a new squishy friend.


            As with last time, I want to point out the incredible success Squishmallows have experienced, partially to prove that I’m not the only one obsessed with them, but mostly because their achievements are really impressive. In their first nine months, the company sold over five million Squishmallows. This summer, Squishmallows turned one and celebrated with a special birthday sale. When the sale ended, their Twitter reported that they reached the benchmark of over ten million Squishmallows sold. Over ten million Squishmallows in just over a year! That’s amazing.

            One thing that hasn’t changed: Squishmallows are still the softest, squishiest things I’ve ever come across. So impossibly wonderful to hug and squeeze, I still can’t describe how amazing they feel. Plus, they’re just plain adorable. I cannot possibly recommend strongly enough that you at least go to your nearest Squishmallow retailer and feel one. You will not regret it, and I feel like it’s only a slight exaggeration to say it will change your life.

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