If Disney Princesses Had Snapchat

Ever want your favorite princess to have a Snapchat? Well, with www.snapsr.com, your dreams have finally become a reality!


  1. Alice is snapping in class


  1. Pocahontas is enjoying autumn breeze


  1. Jasmine is bragging about her pets

  1. Rapunzel is sporting a new ‘doo


  1. Cinderella has mastered adulthood


  1. Merida is turning up the sarcasm


  1. Tiana is making her best funny faces


  1. Mulan is making makeup jokes


  1. Ariel can’t wait for the weekend to arrive


  1. Moana is keeping up with her streaks

            Want to see your own characters and pictures made into snapchats? Check out Snapsr and have fun. Share what you make down below!