Favorites: 7 Pittsburgh Restaurants to Try

One of the most relaxing ways to end a busy week is to go out to a restaurant with your friends and enjoy some good food. Here are some of my favorite restaurants I have tried in Pittsburgh, and hopefully you can find something here that you would like to try next.

Pamela's Diner

One of the best places to get brunch in Pittsburgh is Pamela’s Diner. Even with three locations, this restaurant is always packed so there’s usually a wait, but it’s definitely worth it. One of my favorites here is the Tex-Mex Omelet, and try their famous hotcakes as well. 

The Porch


Another great spot for brunch is The Porch at Schenley. They have a variety of different types of eggs to choose from on their brunch menu, but if you’re craving something sweet, their pancakes are just as delicious. You also can’t go wrong if you choose one of their pizzas.


If you’re in the mood for pizza, try Mercurio’s on Walnut Street. They serve several different types of authentic Neapolitan pizzas which are all equally delicious. After your dinner, be sure to try their homemade gelato, which you can also just stop in and enjoy otherwise. They have forty different flavors, ranging from the classic chocolate to tiramisu, so there’s something for everyone here.  

Silk Elephant

If you’re looking for a Thai restaurant, try Silk Elephant. Called a tapas bar, they have a diverse selection of appetizers to choose from, including rolls and dumplings. For your entrée, choose one of their noodle or fried rice dishes, which are all just as flavorful and mouth-watering. 


You can’t go wrong with a classic burger, and Burgatory serves some of the best in Pittsburgh. With ten of their own creations and the option to make your own burger, you can customize your burger to be exactly what you want. If you’re making your own burger, I recommend getting the bacon jam as one of your toppings. 


If you like Italian food, check out Girasole, also near Walnut Street. With four different seasonal menus, their options change slightly throughout the year, but they are all great choices. I went during the fall and got their pumpkin ravioli, which was the perfect combination of sweet and savory. 


A unique spot for dessert, or any time of the day really, is Waffallonia. I had never tried Liège waffles before these, and they truly are not like any typical waffle. These waffles perfectly balance a crunchy exterior and a soft, layered interior, and are served warm with your choice of toppings, my personal favorite being strawberries and Nutella.