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Fashion Blog: DIY Studded Shorts


About the Project: As promised from last week’s post—learn how to stud your own dip-dye shorts! Your shorts can be any material (though it looks best with denim), and they can be dip-dyed or not. As per usual, you can make any design with your studs as you’d like. There are so many combinations of designs and types of studs that you’ll want to stud all of your shorts!


Materials Needed:

-Shorts (any material)

-Pyramid or Circle Studs (any shape or size)





1)      This post won’t be as picture-heavy because I did this specific pair of shorts a while back, but for additional help, refer to my previous blog post where I did something similar. After deciding how heavy you want to stud your shorts and where you want them to go, line up your studs and poke the first stud’s prongs through.


2)      Flip the fabric over and using the back of the tweezers, fold the prongs down securely. Continue to do this until you finish studding the rest of your design.



3)      And you’re finished! It’s really that easy and best of all, you can do whatever you want with the studs. Almost any design looks good! I’ve included some pictures from Pinterest below for inspiration.






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