Fashion Blog: DIY Studded Converse


About the Project: Converse sneakers are a classic staple in every wardrobe—they are the definition of casual cool. Since last spring, white Chuck Taylors have blown up the fashion scene (and Pinterest). Want to make yours stand out from the crowd? Stud them up!


Materials Needed:

-White high-top Chuck Taylors

-Gold or silver pyramid studs






1)      Like the first picture, fold down the sneaker’s tongue and roll down the high-tops. You will be studding these two areas.



2)      Figure out where you want your first stud to go on the high-top part (you will be making a single line), and push in the prongs. Careful, they are sharp! Use the back of your tweezers to fold down the prongs and secure the stud.




3)      Your first stud is in! Continue doing this until you go around the entire back of the shoe. Don’t worry about lining the studs up precisely; otherwise the studs will look weird since the back of the shoe is curved.





4)      Now for the tongue: this part is much easier because you just need to line and stack the studs exactly. Figure out where you want your first stud to go and then go to town. I did 4 rows of 8 across, but this will depend on how big your studs are.





5)      And now you’re done! Do the same process to the other shoe, and you are ready to rock your new and improved Converse. Don’t be worried about having to wear them rolled down all the time because the back of the studs are hardly visible when you roll them back up. Enjoy! You will definitely receive many compliments.