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Entertainment Blog: New TV Buzz–From Fairytales to Chelsea Handler

Every year around February, entertainment junkies everywhere anxiously await news of new television shows on the major networks airing midseason and in the fall. Some shows aren’t all that intriguing. It seems like there is always a cop show or two, a family comedy, and someone trying to emulate the success of “Friends.” There is almost always a remake of some sort (such as the highly anticipated failure “Charlie’s Angels”). Furthermore, there are usually trends across the major networks. For example, there have essentially been more vampires than humans on television, and shows like “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm” are both based on fairy tales. Every year, some highly anticipated shows bomb, while others have successful runs of several seasons. This year, there are some interesting concepts mixed in with the more typical ones. With some long running shows, such as “Desperate Housewives,” “Chuck,” and “House” coming to an end, the race is on between networks to find the new hit show.

“Alcatraz,” a show about FBI agents who track down a group of prisoners and guards from the famous prison who reappear 30 years after disappearing, premiered on Fox in January and received overall good reviews. “Lost” fans will love the reunion of JJ Abrams and Jorge Garcia, and the concept certainly is intriguing. JJ Abrams also has two more pilots in the fall. NBC’s “Revolution” is set in a world where all electrical devices have stopped working, and CW’s “Shelter” is a drama taking place in a New England Resort.

For those who prefer comedy rather than the drama of JJ Abram’s shows, Chelsea Handler stars along with Laura Prepon (Donna from “That 70’s Show”) in “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” on NBC, which premiered in February. The show is based on Handler’s bestselling book and features Prepon as a sexually aggressive bartender. For fans of Chelsea Handler, this is a must-watch.

In a twist on the usual cop show, NBC’s “Awake,” which also premiered this month, is the story of a police detective living two realities after waking up from a car crash. In one reality, his wife survives, and in the other his son survives. The ratings for the premiere may not have been stellar, but this is definitely an interesting concept and is worth watching.?

As a huge “Friends” fan, when I saw the various television shows set to air in the fall, I was excited by the prospect of Matthew Perry (Chandler) starring in “Go On” on NBC, which was written by one of the writers of “Friends.” Perry’s last return to television in ABC’s “Mr. Sunshine” was not successful, lasting only one season.

Another promising prospect for the fall is ABC’s last resort, a drama about a US submarine crew that establishes a small nuclear-capable country. ABC’s “Gotham” and “666 Park Avenue,” along with ABC and CW’s “Beauty and the Beast” shows all have fantasy themes, likely inspired by the success of “Grimm” and “Once Upon a Time.” There is even a “Munsters” remake, seemingly coming completely from left field. Overall, the new shows which have aired midseason have a lot of promise, and there will certainly be a lot of buzz come September.

I am a junior Materials Science and Engineering mjaor at Carnegie Mellon University, and I am also minoring in Professional Writing and Business. I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.  I love TV and trying out new beauty products.  I follow E! on Twitter so that I can stay up-to-date on celebrity news.  I'm royal-obsessed, and I love Kate Middleton's style.  I'm kind of a Sephora addict, and I could easily spend hours there.  I also spend way too much time on Pinterest.  Finally, I love hockey and all Pittsburgh sports. 
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