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DIY Fashion Blog: Studded Back-Pocket Shorts

Welcome to my blog! For starters, I am an avid fan of Pinterest (feel free to follow me!) and have been for many months now. I decided to take the initiative this summer and revamp my old or outdated clothes. Here are some of the results! They’re college-budget friendly and are very easy to do in your dorm or apartment. I’ll keep you updated on how to look unique at CMU!

About the Project:

My style is more on the edgier side, taking influence from rock music. I thought these shorts would give the perfect amount of edge without overdoing it and better yet, they’re simple to do!

Materials Needed:

  • Old shorts or jeans (Any color wash works!)
  • Gold or silver pyramid studs (These are hard to find in stores, so I bought mine through bonitagirl on Amazon—great prices and shipping!)
  • Needles and thread (Make sure the thread matches the fabric color)
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers (You’ll be using the back of these to push the studs’ prongs down)


1) Pick a pair of shorts or jeans that you want to edit. I have these old black Forever 21 shorts with zippers on the side that I have always wanted to revamp. I chose silver studs.

2) Pick a back pocket that you want to stud (I chose the left). Look for the thread on the outer side of the pocket and make a small cut to break the thread. Take your needle and begin to pick at the thread to unravel it, making sure to stop at the bottom of the pocket. Take your needle and thread and sew where you ended so nothing else will unravel.

Optional: Some people like to save time by cutting inside the seam down to the bottom of the pocket. I chose not to because unraveling the thread looks much neater.

3) Fold the pocket over and use your needle and thread to sew down the corner. This way, the folded pocket won’t pop back up. You can choose to sew down the entire folded pocket or just the corner.

4) Now it’s studding time! Line up the stud where you want to put it, and poke the prongs through (they should be sharp enough). Take your tweezers and fold the prongs down securely. Keep doing this until you fill the entire open space with studs. Make sure to put them down closely together.

5) When you finish, the inside of the pocket should look pretty cool—all lined up in a descending pattern.

6) Voila! You’re done! Enjoy your new studded shorts! When wearing them, I would suggest going simple and letting the shorts be the center of attention.

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