Cold Weather Fashion Tips

Recently it’s been pretty cold here in Pittsburgh, and unfortunately we can’t spend the days inside curled up in our pajamas with blankets and hot chocolate. We have to get dressed and leave our rooms, which can feel like a real struggle when the destination is the frigid outside. However, winter outfits can be just as fun and easy as other seasons with a few simple considerations. Here are some ways to embrace and prepare for the cold while still looking fabulous.


Plan for the weather

This is always an important consideration when picking an outfit, but it’s especially important in the winter. Random snowfall and sporadic waves of warmth can really mess up your day if you aren’t prepared. Before you pick out your clothes, whether it’s the night before or in the morning, check the weather forecast for the day so you can choose something appropriate. True, the weather sometimes disregards the forecast completely, but at least this way you’ll have a fighting chance.


Invest in warm tights

If you’re like me and your wardrobe includes a lot of dresses and skirts, your clothing choices can feel a lot more limited in the cold weather when you can’t imagine leaving your building with bare legs. A warm pair of tights can be a big help here: you can still wear your dresses and skirts, but your legs are protected from the freezing air. Plus, they’re usually really thick and soft, so you’ll be really comfortable.


Dress in layers

            Layers are great for so many reasons: they keep you warm, they add dimension to outfits, and they allow you to still wear your favorite T-shirts in the winter. But the best thing about layers is that they help you deal with constantly changing temperatures. It might be below freezing outside, but it’s usually not that cold inside classrooms or your dorm. You can wind up sweltering even in February if you don’t have some coat or sweater to take off, but you’ll want as many pieces of cloth as possible between your skin and the biting air when you go back outside. Thank you layers.


Incorporate hats and scarves

Cold weather might take away some fashion choices, but it also opens a new world of accessories. Adding a hat or a scarf can give an outfit an entirely different look, and it’ll keep you warm throughout the day. Plus, they can be removed or added when you go in and outside, just like layers.


Wear fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are such a wonderful thing. They’re warm and soft, and the best ones make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It’s usually too hot and uncomfortable to wear them the rest of the year, but winter is the perfect time for fuzzy socks! They’ll keep your feet warm as you trudge through snowdrifts and bring a little of that pajama-day comfort with you wherever you go.


Hopefully these tips will help you stay excited about your winter wear. Stay warm!