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Celebs Of This Semester

This semester we’ve had many amazing campus celebrities who truly shine in everything they do represent our school in the best light. They’ve inspired us to take initiatives, believe in ourselves and find whatever makes us genuinely happy. To celebrate and wrap up our semester and the rest of the year, I thought it’d be great to compile inspiring and interesting quotes from the ones we’ve interviewed and chosen to be our weekly campus celeb!


1. “In my time here I have felt challenged by other students more than by any class, and I have learned that the college experience stems from the people you meet, not the lectures you hear. I came here knowing what I wanted to do, and that has not changed. CMU has made sure, though, that now I am one big step closer to knowing how to do it.” – Talia Shea Levin

2. “(Renewable energy is) something the world needs to focus on because (there is) only so much we can do to the world, we need energy that can last forever and viable things that work and that we can rely on. I want to work on that. (We) only have the earth for so long and (we are) using all its resources and destroying it” – Amalia Martinez

3. “Students run the most beloved parts of this university, like Carnival, and Greek Sing…but are shut out of the parts that don’t function as well.” – Rachel Pustejovsky

4. “Being able to help someone in need is something I greatly value in life and service has been a great outlet for that passion of mine.” – Jenny Yang

5. “It’s cool to know that no matter what you’re doing here, there’s someone who’s had the same experiences that you’re having now and they’ve gone on to accomplish really amazing things.” – Felicia Wang

6. “I love so much about Formula—the engineering challenges and experience, the rush of driving, and the people.” – Elena Yasinski

7. “I love how (Carnival) unifies the campus community. It is the event with the most participation and 15,000 people from all over Pittsburgh attend. Every student looks forward to the weekend whether it is for Booth, Buggy, the concert or just to have fun with friends.” – Carrie Weintraub

8. “I enjoy working on Her Campus because I’m really passionate about writing. I feel proud every time I see someone reading Her Campus or hear someone talking about it.” – Kellie Painter

9. “I feel committed not only to preserving American folk music, but also ensuring that the people that hold these traditions are able to make a living, whether they are professional musicians or not.” – Abby Nover

10. “I like that how happy and joyful swing dancing is. You can do it in any city and make friends.” – Olivia Roy

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