6 Signs You're Ready for Fall

…Even if the weather isn’t! So Pittsburgh weather is notoriously finicky; it can go from hot to cold at the drop of a hat! The sunshine is great, but when October hits, you pretty much expect it to be cool for the next few months. If you find yourself relating to any of the following things, you’re probably ready for that season to hit right about now!

1. Sweaters Are Your Go-to

Fall is the epitome of sweater weather –it’s cool enough outside to wear it and you don’t have to hide it beneath a bulky winter coat! So you wear those cute sweaters with pride –even if you have a heat stroke while doing so!

2. You Order a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Who cares what the temperature is? This seasonal drink is the caffeine of choice for fall and Starbucks only has it for a limited time –how could you not get it?

3. You Start Looking at Halloween Costumes

Let’s be honest, if you see something cute at anytime of the year, you’re going to say “Oh I should be that for Halloween!” However, this is the time where you genuinely start looking and planning your festivities!

4. You Go To Fright Night at Kennywood

Kennywood has its annual Fright Nights during this time of year, and just because the weather decided it’s still summer doesn’t mean the amusement park has! Get ready to be terrified -or at least amused- while going on your favorite rides!

5. You Start to Look for Different Colored Leaves

Trees are beautiful all year round -but let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool when they’re all different colors! Reds, yellows and browns mixed together with a faded green give such a warm vibe and a bit of color to your life. Not to mention leaf piles are fun to jump in!

6. You can Practically Taste Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s still hot out but the only thing you have on your mind is that nap you’re going to take with your too-full stomach. A weeklong vacay, Macy’s Parade, the three big F’s (family, football, food), what more could you want?