4 Easy DIY Valentine's

With the fifth week of classes and midterms picking up, getting a good Valentine’s Day gift has probably been the least of your priorities. Here are a few easy last-minute valentines that are sure to make the day for that special someone.

1. “I Love You a Latte” Breakfast Kit

Let’s be real: Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of a crazy work week, and we could all use a little breakfast featuring a caffeine pick-me-up. Gather some of their favorite cereals, breakfast bars, Pop Tarts (You name it.), and dress up any latte with a cheesy but adorable tag like the one below. These can easily be Googled, or you can make one yourself!

2. Candy Bouquet

Entropy has a ton of candy that you can spend your DineX on! Gather some of their favorite candy, attach them to sticks and use a larger candy box to put them in. If you can, get some Valentine’s themed cupcake liners, flatten them, and attach them to sticks to make “flowers”. Voila!

3. S’Mores

If you’re not allowed to or don’t have access to a fire, you can just “roast” a few marshmallows by popping them in the toaster for a few minutes. I would also recommend toasting the graham crackers a little bit, just to give them a little crunch. Put everything together with some chocolate and enjoy! And for CMU students, Union Grill’s s’mores are only $5 for six s’mores! It’s close to campus, very affordable, and worth it!

4. You + Me In a Tree

You can get a log disc at any Michael’s (Target might have them too!) and decorate them however you like! Etch your initials, paint it, feel free to get creative!