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Zac Brooks ’16

Major: Graphic Communications
Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Relationship Status: Taken

Why he came to Clemson:
I got recruited for football and I came here to get away from Arkansas. There are nice people here and it’s quieter than the city.

Campus involvement:
Football, that’s it.

What he looks for in a girl:
Classy, a girl who is put together and dresses well; I don’t want a messy girl. I want a girl with goals that knows what she wants. She has to know how to treat her guy and give good massages.

Ideal date:
I would cook for her and set up a nice dinner with candles and flowers; I’d prefer to stay in.

Biggest turn-offs:
Loud girls who get in other peoples’ business irritate me. I don’t like girls who start gossip or the ones who listen to it.

Hobbies, besides football: 
I’m interested in photo-shopping and video or picture editing. I like to sing to myself and I enjoy going to the mall.

Dream job: 
I’d want to be Hugh Hefner.

Describe yourself in three words:

People would be surprised to know that:
I’m antisocial; I kinda like to keep to myself.

Advice for Clemson girls:
Stop smoking. I hate that. It’s another turn-off. Cigarettes, weed, or any of that; it’s not attractive.

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