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Your Vote Matters

So, if I’m being honest, the thought of exercising my right to vote has not been that appealing and I’m sure you all can understand that. It seems like we basically have two candidates who would rather argue over twitter than actually interact with the people that will determine whether or not they get into office. Both Candidates have said very unethical things but also some thought provoking things that all of us have to consider when voting for the next President of the United States.

I’m not writing this to sway the vote of anyone, I am simply trying to convince you all that your vote matters. I’ll say it again, YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Not only for the Presidential election but for the local and State level officials who are put in office so that they can be a voice for the communities they serve in. And if I’m being honest, that matters just as much as voting for the President. No matter if your views are conservative, liberal, or a mix of both, you still have a voice to use that could impact the future of this country.


Think about the country that you want your children to live in. Wouldn’t you want them to live in a country where no matter where they are born and no matter what their skin color may be, they feel safe and loved and like they matter? Use that as your motivation to go out and tell your elected officials what you want. Vote for people who you feel will best put into action the values that can and should lead this country to be its very best. Do research on the people running for the different offices and listen to them speak. See how their morals and values line up with the values of America and decide from there who you think will be the better fit.

Your vote matters. Your voice matters, so use it!


I am the type of person that will laugh in the middle of a silent room because of something that happened days ago!
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