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What Font Are You? A Personality Quiz

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.

Have you ever searched through the vast array of fonts in Microsoft Word (whilst procrastinating) and wondered if one of them particularly captures your essence? Find out now which one represents you by answering these carefully curated questions!


1. What inspires you the most?

  1. Nature

  2. Other Talented People

  3. Art

  4. Competition


2. How do you manage stress?

  1. Go on a run and sweat it out!

  2. Vent to your friends

  3. Lie on the floor and listen to music



3. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

  1. Exercise

  2. Check social media

  3. Take a shower

  4. Brush my teeth


4. Favorite slang?

  1. “GOAT”

  2. “Tea”

  3. “Low-key”

  4. “Boujee”


5. What’s your ideal first date activity?

  1. Sporting event

  2. Go to a cute coffee shop

  3. See a movie or show

  4. Bar hop and play pool


6. Favorite special character?

  1. !

  2. @

  3. &

  4. %


7. Favorite snack?

  1. Trail mix

  2. Cheese curls

  3. Apple

  4. Tortilla chips


8. What’s your go-to book genre?

  1. Mystery

  2. Romance

  3. Collection of poetry

  4. Autobiography


9. Who’s your celebrity girl-crush?

  1. Beyonce

  2. Blake Lively

  3. Mila Kunis

  4. Emma Stone


If you got mostly A’s…

You’re Rockwell Extra Bold! You put yourself out there and aren’t afraid to make a statement. Outgoing and fun, you’re always down to find adventure with your friends! You probably have been outdoor camping in the past 6 months!


If you got mostly B’s…

You’re Avenir Book! Ever the socialite, a day is not complete unless you do an emotional-check-in with at least five of your friends. You are the go-to source for celebrity gossip and friends can count on you to have seen the Cosmo Snapstory because you parlay pertinent information.


If you got mostly C’s…

You’re Papyrus! Tribal yet futuristic, you have great respect for the arts. You’re an old soul with classic taste, and you love to wear neutral-colored clothing. We wouldn’t be surprised if you were a bit of a writer yourself!


If you got mostly D’s…

You’re Times New Roman! The most widely-used of all fonts, you’re an academic and a scholar. You’re very organized and own multiple colored highlighters and use them on the regular.

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Hi, Everyone! I'm Hannah Fanset. I'm a sophomore from Rochester, NY, and I'm majoring in psychology and management. My favorite things are books, movies, traveling, eating good food and laughing way too loud.