Top 5 Tips to Cure Homesickness

Transitioning to college can be difficult. Even if you’ve already made that transition, you can still suffer from homesickness. Here are a few tips on how to deal with being homesick and make the best out of your college experience.

  1. 1. Bring Home Comforts

    To remind you of home, bring something sentimental with you to college like a stuffed animal, a picture or a piece of jewelry. When I moved to Clemson, I brought my favorite blanket from back home that I keep in my room for comfort when I’m homesick. Having something close to home will make you feel more at home!

  2. 2. Find a Familiar Space

    If you adapt to your normal routine from home, this can help you feel less homesick. If you go to the gym every day at home, find time in your schedule to go work out. If you really like shopping, find some nearby malls and stores for you and your girlfriends to check out. One of my favorite activities back home is painting pottery with my family and go-karting. So, when I moved to Clemson, I found an amusement park with go-karting and a nearby pottery place that I can visit when I need to feel at home. Soon, your local barista will know your coffee order, and you will start to build relationships similar to ones back home. 

  3. 3. Beat Boredom

    If you hang out in your dorm room or apartment all day, chances are that you’re going to dwell on not being home or think about friends and family. To avoid this, get out of your usual space and take a walk, grab a bite to eat with a friend or go to a nearby spot to do some homework. You can also join a club, sports team, volunteer group or organization to be a part of during your free time. This allows you to meet new people and cure boredom!

  4. 4. Capture Every Moment

    Whether it be the famous sunsets, the glistening Lake Hartwell or the girl gang, one of my favorite things to do in Clemson is to take pictures. As I get used to my surroundings and adapt to them, it starts to feel more and more like home. Every time I look back at my pictures, it reminds me of why I chose Clemson and makes the experience here so special. When I miss home, I like to look at all of the fun that I have had here so far and reflect on my accomplishments. Doing this has made me want to stay in Clemson (sorry, Mom!)

  5. 5. Keep In Touch

    To stay in tune with my schedule and my parents’ schedules, I typically FaceTime my parents on Sunday evenings and text them almost every day. This way, I can focus on my schoolwork and still make time to talk and catch up with my family. Having a schedule will limit how much you talk to them (which is not a bad thing) and allow you to maintain a healthy relationship with them throughout the semester.