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Top 5 Hiking Spots to Check Out If You’re Staying In Clemson for Spring Break

1. The Butterfly Garden

This location is absolutely beautiful! It’s only an eight minute drive from campus and it’s well worth the trip! The gardens are well maintained with all sorts of plants along the trail.


2.   Meadow Falls

This location is about 15-18 minutes away. You get to see some really beautiful waterfalls and spend a day out in nature!


3. Mountain View Park

This trail goes right alongside the lake, so you get to enjoy the beautiful water scenery while you walk on the trail! It’s about 15 minutes from campus.


4. Clemson Experimental Forest

They have tons of trails to choose from, so you’ll always have a new experience when you visit this location! It’s about 25 minutes from campus.


5. Issaqueena Trail

This location is also near the lake with tons of beautiful, natural scenery! It’s about 15-20 minutes from campus.

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