Time to get up, and Smell the Roses… of the Single Life: How to Survive a Breakup

The dreaded time has come in your relationship, and you don’t know how to cope with the loss of your partner. Here are a few sure-fire ways to get over “he or she or they” who shall not be named.

  1. 1. Know that you’re NOT alone.

    Personally, this is the biggest obstacle I face after breakups. You feel so alone, like no one cares or understands. This is NOT TRUE! There are millions of people who struggle with breakups on a daily basis who are in the same boat as you. In order to tackle this feeling of loneliness, you should reconnect with old friends and family or even go out of your comfort zone to try and make new friends. Having a circle of people around you to support you is such a wonderful feeling to have, especially when you’re going through something so upsetting.


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  2. 2. Get rid of any triggers.

    This can be very difficult to do after a breakup. However, it is necessary for closure. Unless you plan on staying friends with your ex, I suggest doing things like taking down pictures that you have with them, getting rid of any gifts that they got you, and blocking them from any social media. This may seem harsh, but it is important in the process of moving on. You may think that you are over the person, then BAM! You see a post from them on social media, which brings back all of these feelings and memories. Removing these emotionally triggering things is essential to surviving a breakup.

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  3. 3. Find your thing.

    After a breakup, you may find yourself with more time on your hands than you know what to do with. Don’t look at this as a bad thing and lock yourself up in your room for days. Use this new-found time to your advantage! Try new activities, get involved in a club, or put more time and effort into something you already know you enjoy. No matter how you choose to spend your time, try to put yourself out there and do something that makes you happy.

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  4. 4. Break Up = Make-Up

    Last but not least, my favorite step of a breakup… looking GOOD! You may not feel like getting all dressed up and glammed up, but trust me, it’ll give you such a boost of confidence! You’re a new person now: independent, single, and confident… use this to your advantage. Get a cute outfit on, do your hair, do your makeup, and show yourself off to everyone around you.

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