A Star Is Born Movie Release

People have already been raving over the dramatic commercial for the movie A Star is Born featuring the glamorous Lady Gaga and the charming Bradley Cooper, and now the premier is finally set for this Friday, October 5th.

Everyone knows Gaga for her beautiful work as a singer-songwriter, but this movie is an onscreen debut for Gaga considering she’s only ever been featured in television shows such as American Horror Story and now is coming out as the main character in a major motion picture. This is also her “debut” as a fresh-faced brunette with no hair pieces, fake lashes, or extreme costumes. Most people don’t even recognize Gaga in the commercial until the vocals start, showcasing her unique and unmistakable voice.

Cooper who is producer, director and star of this movie knew exactly what he wanted when he chose Gaga as his co-star. He wanted a natural beauty who could be seen for her incredible talent and not just theatrical ways. On the first day of screening, he came up to Gaga with a makeup wipe and told her he wanted her “Completely open. No artifice.”

Is Cooper trying to send a message saying that female artists should be taken seriously whether they’re covered in glitter or wearing no make-up at all, or is he trying to dull Gaga’s unique light? Some argue that he was in no position to take away from Gaga’s natural outrageous style and that this sends a negative message to women saying a woman can’t truly be authentic when she’s in makeup or costume.

Lady Gaga has always been an icon of expression for women everywhere, and this movie is just another opportunity for her to be a role model for women who do tend to stick to their simple natural ways. Expression can come in many forms, whether its looks, your words, or actions each are important and vital to one’s character.

Regardless of why Gaga is featured as her natural self, she is stunning in her looks and vocals in this movie. People from areas where A Star is Born has already been released said what really got them was the soundtrack. It’s full of emotion and depth that will demand any music lover's attention.

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