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Spraaaaang Break Packing Essentials List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.

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Spraaaaang Break Packing Essentials List

As many of your fellow college peers will tell you, there is no greater surge of camaraderie and fun then an infamous Spring Break.  Panama City, Mexico, and Miami are just a few of the highlights necessary for a great college experience; no matter how many exams you have the day before, or the day after break.  But, cramming five of your closest friends into a small Nissan Altima and driving fourteen hours to Florida is not an easy task, so let’s try to cut back on that suitcase hassle before it’s too late!

1)  Four Outfits

This should include: One nice outfit, one comfortable outfit, and two outfits you can wear to the mall/club.  Why?  Trust me, I’m from Miami, and all we wear on the beach is a bathing suit.  We don’t really need “beach day” outfits because they get taken off the second our feet touch the sand.  You only need a big T-Shirt, and some great Sunglasses to look like a Kardashian.  Everything else is excess.  For shoes: you probably only need one pair of sandals, one pair of walking shoes, and one pair of heels.  That should lighten your suitcase load by thirty pounds.

2)  Sunscreen

I can’t emphasize this enough.  I have seen too many crispy fried men and women who look more like they’re in pain than anything else.  I get it.  Jersey Shore started an orange fad, but actually sitting in the sun will give you more than a glow, it’ll give you sun blisters, possible scarring, and just an all-together bad mood if you get burnt on the first day.  It hurts!  Think!

3)  Your Phone

This may seem like a “Duh” moment, but I’ve seen too many girls get upset over the loss of their precious iPhones.  Try to put it somewhere you won’t lose it, like a purse that zips.  It is essential that you are always able to communicate with someone if you get lost.  This is also (extremely) necessary for those of you going to another country for your fun in the sun.  Unless you actually speak the native language fluently, you’re going to have a hard time trying to get back to your upset friends.  Also, you probably want to take a thousand pictures to record these special memories, and who doesn’t love putting up Instagram sunset pics?

4)  Identification

Notice: Not “fake” identification.  You actually want to have access to your passport and your license.  My mom lost both on a trip to Mexico once, and it was a pain in the rear trying to get back home.  Try keeping the passport and license in the hotel room in the lockbox if you can, but make sure to never put it out in the open.  Just a safety precaution.

5)  Bathroom Supplies

A lot of hotels provide bathroom necessities, including a hair dryer.  Call ahead of time to see if you and your four best friends need to even bring one.  And if they don’t, you really only need one to share between the five of you!  Try keeping everything to a minimum and only bring essential bathroom supplies.  You are gone for a week, not a month, and all of you might be sharing a bathroom which makes every inch crucial.  Same thing with a straightener, you only need one between all of you.  Also, another tip on space saving, for $.25 at the dollar tree you can get little shampoo and conditioner bottles to use for your essentials.  That really helps with every space issue you can think of.

Spring Break is a time of fun, excitement, and sunscreen.  Don’t let it be ruined by silly fights over space, getting lost, or losing your passport.  Keep yourself educated, and have a wonderful break!

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