The Skincare Products that Keep My Sensitive Skin Happy and Healthy

Let me start by saying that my sensitive skin will tolerate no mistreatment. Infrequent exfoliation? Dry, textured skin. Too little moisture? Dehydrated. Too many heavy ingredients? Break-outs. An unfamiliar chemical? Absolute havoc.

I spent a long time thinking that new, exciting products would fix all of my skincare woes, but I was only making it worse. The key to taking care of sensitive skin is keeping it simple, and here’s how I do it:

  1. This product is my holy grail. The first time I saw it, the price tag made me uneasy, but because the bottle lasts forever, I’m actually saving money by investing in one cleanser instead of trying different, less expensive options.

    The title says it all. This is a simple, effective cleanser that cleans without over-stripping your skin of moisture or depositing unnecessary chemicals on the surface. If Cetaphil’s cleanser is too drying for you, you’ll love this product.

  2. Makeup wipes usually leave my skin irritated and red, but this is the sole exception! For heavy makeup days or lazy nights, I can wipe my makeup off without worry of overwhelming fragrance or a blotchy complexion.

  3. 3. Facial Oils – Varying Prices

    When I go all out with eye makeup, a makeup remover wipe doesn’t always cover it. In those cases, I’ll opt for a facial oil to remove my makeup. I usually reach for Jojoba Oil or Rosehip Oil because they’re hydrating and effective without being as comedogenic as coconut oil. Often, I pick these up at random at retailers like TJ Maxx, but if you’re looking for a consistent staple, check out your local health food store or even Amazon.

  4. This tried-and-true moisturizer is a staple on my vanity. Because of my combination skin, I was often afraid that the moisturizer would break me out, but it’s been the opposite! By adequately hydrating my skin, I’m keeping oil at bay and preventing future wrinkles.

  5. Thayer’s is the only brand of Witch Hazel products I will ever truly trust. Take one look at the back of the bottle, and you’ll see carefully-selected, beneficial ingredients without any nasty fillers. Unlike most Witch Hazel toners, they skip the alcohol and use natural ingredients like rose water and lavender to scent their products. I love their Lavender Facial Toner, but I’ve also enjoyed their facial mists. After application, my skin is soothed, and I notice fewer breakouts.

  6. This miracle-worker lives up to the hype. Just a tiny bit off this stuff shortens the lifespan of pimples, reduces inflammation, and alleviates the associated pain. With a cotton swab, you apply a dot on a pimple, and that’s it! This is especially helpful when you go against your better judgment and pop that zit. Plus, because of how little you use, it’ll take you a long time to finish a whole bottle.

  7. Though outrageously pricey, this exfoliator does things for me that no other exfoliator has. By combining chemical and physical exfoliation, ExfoliKate® reveals flawless, glowing skin that only gets better with continued use. I used this product every week or so until I ran out (because you shouldn’t be exfoliating more than 1.5 times a week), and I was so sad to see it go. It’s hard to bite the bullet, but when I’m using any other product, I miss this one…

  8. 8. A Washcloth – Varying Prices

    For a cheaper option, I sometimes use a washcloth to wash my face, and this provides gentle exfoliation. Dryer skin types may need to steer clear from this, but as long as you’re cleaning the washcloth after each use and not using harsh detergents, this is an excellent way to get glowing skin. However, try to avoid physical exfoliation ontop of active acne because it can cause irritation or even make it worse. If this is too abrasive for you, consider a baby washcloth or microfiber material.

  9. This double-duty product is an excellent moisturizer and makeup setting spray! Composed of rose water, glycerin and water, this combines good-for-you ingredients without any harmful additives. This is a bit too hydrating for me in the summer months, but during the winter, I love to mist myself for a refreshing pick-me-up or daily hydration.

  10. If you want nice skin, you need sunscreen, but anyone with sensitive skin knows that sunscreen isn’t always your friend. Unlike other formulations, this Neutrogena sunscreen protects me without clogging my pores, and it sits well under makeup while giving a soft glow. Depending on your skincare concerns and preferences, you can find your perfect formula out there if you take a look around.

Remember that these are just the products that work for me, and if they don’t work for you, keep experimenting. Love your skin, even if it’s sensitive, because you’re beautiful.