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The Secret Life of Clemson

Every school has those rumors you hear about, fun events missed out on, or secret places that not many people ever actually find. But with this reveal of Clemson’s best kept secrets, you’ll be the one enlightening your friends on all the hidden fun Clemson has to offer.

When it comes to food, Clemson has tons of grub that will leave you feeling like you’ve eaten everything on the menu. If you’re in the mood for great southern BBQ, check out the Smoking Pig on highway 76. Don’t be deterred by the line out of the door, you’ll make it in quickly and it’s well worth the wait. Keep in mind that it’s only open Thursday through Saturday, though! You can’t miss the bright red paint and pink pig, and you definitely won’t want to either.

As great of a facility as Fike is, working out in there every day may eventually get old. Instead, step outside and go for a run on Perimeter Road. It’s a change of scenery from the inside of a gym, lined with beautiful trees and greenery. Perimeter intersects with Cherry Road, and you can take the route behind the Lightsey Bridge apartments, or head out towards 93. You’ll have a great view of the South Carolina Botanical Gardens as you work out, and you may even stop in the ampitheater for one of their Friday night Fall Concert Events to catch your breath and hear some great local music. It’s a work out and perfect view of our beautiful campus all in one!

To hunt down fun theme outfits for a night out with friends, mixers or functions, or just something to do for the afternoon, go thrifting! Clemson has a bunch of thrift stores and Good Wills scattered around the area. Check out the Jamaican Relief Ministries Thrift Store on the Anderson Highway; they have tons of great finds and the money goes to aid Jamaican children in orphanages. You’ll never run short of fun crazy outfits again, and your wallets will thank you.

Sneakily hidden under Harcombe and the Union sits the Underground Recreation Center. It offers many activities, such as pool, ping pong, air hockey, an arcade, and even its own bowling alley. The Union is a great, inexpensive way to spend time with friends, with $1 bowling games and shoe rentals, and free table games. Just make a reservation on the Clemson website if you have a large group and you’re set for a great time in this hidden game center.

If you really want to impress your friends, you can attempt to hunt down Clemson’s secret book hidden in Cooper Library. This secret might not even be on the classic Clemson bucket list, it’s that well-kept, but it’s definitely something every student should attempt to find. If you can decipher the hints, you’ll be one of the lucky few to sign your name in this secret little book. I’ll get you started; “It’s in a building dedicated just to the call number on campus”, where you “can’t see it from the library, but you can see the library from the call number”. Start looking…

Get started on experiencing these Best Kept Clemson Secrets, and then maybe you’ll have time to figure out a few of your own! Know of any other Clemson secrets? Let us know which ones we missed!

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