Relatable Youtubers You Need to Watch!

Don’t you love waking up in the morning to see that your favorite YouTubers posted a new video? I find that watching relatable YouTubers helps me learn to love the skin I am as they learn to love theirs. They post content that is similar to what we do in our daily lives and simply make people laugh. Here are my favorite YouTubers who I relate to the most and have really loved to watch as they grow. Hopefully, you enjoy them, too!

  1. 1. Ash

    Ashley, also known as AshleySmashley from her viral short rap video, is also a vlogger on Youtube. Ashley tries to post daily vlogs and content that her viewers love to see. Her content consists of music playlists, grwm’s, self-care tips, and more! I have watched her for a couple of years and have looked forward to every video that she posts. She is (in my books) the most relatable YouTuber that I am subscribed to, and I love that about her. Her videos make me laugh, trigger my impulsive buying habit and teach me how to love myself as who I am. 

  2. 2. Franny Arrieta

    Franny was mainly known for being previous roommates with famous YouTubers Kian and JC, Bobby Mares, Corey La Barrie, and others. Now, she is growing a large following on Youtube of her own with 511K subscribers (and rising). Franny post content such as challenges, workouts, rants, music videos to HER OWN SONGS (YASSS she is a singing queen as well), vlogs, rants, and basically everything else you can think of. The thing that I love about Franny is that Youtube has not changed her personality, whereas I feel like other people tend to change after being discovered. Franny talks to her viewers as relatably and friendly as possible. She is definitely someone that you need to subscribe to if you like goofy, relatable, and intriguing content.

  3. 3. NEZZA

    Ironically enough, Nezza is Franny’s best friend! They do post videos with each other regularly, and I find that even more relatable as you get to watch their friendship. I find Nezza relatable because she is a very natural beauty, and she knows that. She isn’t afraid to share her personality, which is super loving and bubbly. Like Franny, Nezza also sings, and she also dances (soooo talented). She posts content such as covers, collaborations, skincare tips, etc. Almost every video that Nezza posts leave me laughing and with a smile on my face.

  4. 4. Luhhsetty

    Lisette has to be one of the most gorgeous and self-driven YouTubers that I have seen. She speaks to women, knowing that we relate to her. She has even gone to work with a show that shares relatable tips with women that they aren’t told by parents or others. One of her most famous videos is titled “10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know,” and it really helps you out (I mean, REALLY). She also posts things such as hauls, vlogs, morning/night routine, and a lot of health/beauty related videos.