Reasons to Apply to Calhoun Honors College

The Calhoun Honors College has just been listed as one of the top 10 Public University Honors programs across the nation! As a member of the Honors College myself, I am grateful for the opportunities and community offered to me through this incredible department. As celebration of this achievement, here are some benefits of our wonderful program

1. We get priority registration, which makes it easier to get the classes we want or need before they get filled up!

2. Because of that priority registration, it’s also easier to get travel grants and study abroad opportunities.

3. There are constantly emails for all kind of opportunities, from networking and career fairs to scholarships to summer internships looking for honors students, specifically.

4. Finding community service opportunities is simple! Just join the Honors Community Service organization. They send out emails about different projects through the semester. AND you get a free t-shirt if you work enough hours, so everyone wins.

5. There’s free printing at the Honors Student Center in Core. And we all need more free things in our lives.

6. There are plenty of study rooms, both for individuals and groups, which can be especially helpful during finals week...

7. There are lots of faculty and advisors just for honors students to help us make sure we’re on the right path, getting the classes we need, and keeping up with our requirements.

8. There are kitchens you can use (and sometimes, there’s even free food).

9. More free stuff: awesome Honors t-shirts that are given out at the beginning of the academic year!

10. Just by keeping up with the bare minimum requirements for the Honors College means that you graduate with general honors. That makes your resumé look great and makes getting into graduate programs that much easier.

11. You can also pursue Departmental Honors by doing research and writing a thesis. And again, there are constant emails about different research opportunities on- and off-campus, which makes finding research a snap!

12. You are required to take an Honors course every semester and yes, they can be difficult. But they’re usually a much smaller class size, which creates discussion-based environments and free-response tests. You also get much closer to your professor than you would sitting in a classroom with two hundred other people…

13. There are Honors seminars offered every semester (they count to your required Honors class) that have an incredible array of topics, from Harry Potter literature to the ethics of innovative technology. And a lot of times, they’ll fulfill some of your general education requirements!