Racquel Collier '17

Major/Year: English ‘17

Hometown: Sumter, SC

  1. Why you chose Clemson University?

    • I chose Clemson because of its location as well as family legacy. The area is great and I am promised to great scenic views every day.


  1. Favorite thing about writing for Her Campus Clemson?

    • I am eager to gain experience writing for an official publication. I am very impressed with the idea of writing about whatever I want to.


  1. What else are you involved in on campus?

    • I am President of the Black Student Union and I am heavily involved with minority student affairs.


  1. Favorite dorm/ apartment décor?

    • My favorite dorm on campus has to be McCabe hall, as freshmen students are living comfortably and spaciously.

  1. What do you do in your free time?

    • In my free time, I surf the internet for recent news and the newest music. I watch interviews when I get the time to sharpen my communication skills.


  1. Go to drink downtown ?

  • I love going to Wingin’ it and Triple T’s. They have the best deals on Thursday nights!


  1. Celebrity crush:

    • My newest celebrity crush is Angela Simmons because her body is to die for! However Jay-Z, I must say is my celebrity crush. I admire everything about him.


  1. Favorite Clemson tradition:

    • My favorite Clemson tradition is Thursday night happy hour because aside from Game days, this is actually the only time everyone mingles and gets to know each other. I just hate that alcohol is the common denominator.


  1. Ideal/best first date you have been on?

    • I went to Houston’s in Atlanta, it was wonderful. There was individual lighting at every table so the date was very intimate. After Houston’s, I went for wine and a live band. The weather was breezy and very calm that night.


  1. What do you want to do in your career?

    • I would like to work for CBS on Primetime news for a while and use what I learned to launch my own network. I aspire to be a very influential figure in the media speaking about the facts of the world.

  1. Current favorite fashion trend?

    • I am a fan of layering, it seems like no one can go wrong layering any and everything somehow we make it look stylish!


  1. If you have studied abroad where did you go and what was your favorite thing about it?

    • I have not, but I plan to go to either South Africa or France.


  1. What are your plans for Spring Break?

    • I am looking into going to South Beach, Miami with some of my guy friends.


  1. Any other interesting stuff you want mentioned:

    • I love talking and I recently realized the best way for me to thoroughly express myself is through writing so I am eager to bring new unique ideas to Her Campus! I think I want to write under a pseudonym just to make it an even better experience for me.