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Quarantine Book Club: Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.

Do you love romantic comedies? Are you a sucker for tales of self-empowerment and powerful female leads? Do you want to live vicariously through a character who can actually go outside and meet new people?

Then you’ll love Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters.



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Would Like to Meet tells the story of Evie Summers, an overworked assistant in the film industry trying to rein in a difficult client to secure the promotion she’s been working towards for years. When her Oscar-winner screenwriter refuses to write a romantic comedy because he doesn’t think the genre is realistic enough, Evie makes a deal – if she can find romance like they do in the movies, he’ll write the script.

Acting out a series of meet-cutes from all your favorite romcoms, Evie finds herself stepping out of her comfort zone, meeting new people, making friends, and questioning who she is and what she wants out of life. The clumsy redhead manages to make just about everything funny (if you don’t believe me, read the chapter about the bachelorette party). Still, she also shares a poignant reflection about herself and her dreams.

If you think you already know how the book ends, you’re wrong – or at least, I was.


Overall rating? 4/5 Stars.

I really enjoyed this book, and during the last half, I couldn’t put it down. Yes, some things were cliché, but Evie is inspirational. Her own journey of self-discovery reminded me of the dreams and hobbies I’ve neglected over the years, and it reminded me that, no matter how far you’ve gone down this road, you can always break free and forge a new path.

No, I won’t add this to my list of books that I re-read every year, but I enjoyed it and have already passed it on to family members with my ringing endorsement. At times, it was a bit predictable, but at others, I was completely flabbergasted at a twist. If you’re a true fan of romantic comedies, you will appreciate all the references and replicated meet-cutes.

Be warned, though. After reading this book, you’ll want to re-watch all your favorite romantic comedies. But is that really a bad thing?

Mayme Medlock is a junior at Clemson University, studying political science with an emphasis in international relations. In her free time, you'll find her chasing cute dogs, talking about studying abroad in the Balkans, watching copious amounts of Netflix, and putting people at ease when they question her name's pronunciation (May-m, not May-me).