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The People of Cooper

The People of Cooper

As we experience Finals Week (cue the dramatic music) more people flock to the library to hit the books. If you look carefully enough, you’ll find seven different types of people. It’s almost like the People of Walmart, but right here in Clemson’s library. Here’s some of the types of people you might recognize (or even realize that you are)!


1.     The People Watcher

Every time you look up this person is staring at you or someone else. Their eyes are never on their work. Studying is obviously the last thing they want to do. Even staring at the wall might be more entertaining than studying for your finals at this point, lets be honest.

2.     The Fake Hard Worker

This person is furiously typing away at their laptop as if they are being incredibly productive. BUT little do you know, they’re not. Instead, they might be three years back on their friends cousins Facebook tagged photos and nobody would know. I should know, I’m this person right now! I’m supposed to be studying for an exam but instead I’m writing this article and watching people in the library instead. Tricked ya didn’t I?

3.     The Real Hard Worker

This person is furiously flipping their notes and typing away, but it’s for real. They have pen ink on their arms, and a determined look on their face. The last thing you want to do is interrupt their study session; who knows what will happen.

4.     The Sleeper

This person has completely given up on their finals. Head down, sleep mode fully on. We’re all there at some point.

5.     The Netflixer

These people think they’re slick. They seclude themselves into a corner or cubicle, plug their headphones in and appear to be hard at work, but in reality they’ve given in to temptation and they’re catching up on Netflix. Good try guys, we still see you!

6.     The music lover

This person has their headphones in, and by the way they’re rocking out you would think they’re at a concert of their own. It’s always funny when they realize people are staring and have caught them. Hey, whatever works!

7.     The librarian in a students body

This is the person we all sometimes want to be, but aren’t. The one who gives anyone a death glare in the silent zone if they breathe too loudly, or let a giggle escape. While we might outwardly hate these people, we’re secretly thankful because now we don’t have to tell the loud person in the corner to be quiet ourselves. Thanks for having our back.


No matter how you study, we are all each of these people at some point, it’s a simple fact. Do you ladies, and study hard! Summer is just around the corner, and you won’t have to be “cooped” up studying for much longer!!

I am a Psychology major. I was Maryland born and raised. I love soccer, the beach, and making Her Campus part of my Clemson story!
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