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Nilza Marie Santana-Castillo ’16

Nilza Marie Santana-Castillo

Clemson Class of 2016

Graduate Student, pursing her Master of Counselor Education in Student Affairs

Twitter: @senorita_nmsc


Clemson House Graduate Community Director

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico (born) but raised in Suwanee, Georgia


Why Clemson?

I fell in love with the faculty and colleagues in my program. The vibe during my interview weekend was great and I knew I would learn so much here because student affairs has great structure and leadership on this campus. Additionally, one tip I took very seriously when searching for a Master’s program was: Don’t pay for it! There are too many good assistantship benefits and tuition remissions nationwide to be going into debt for a Master’s. Clemson treats their graduate assistantship students great and has a lot to support us.


Favorite Clemson Tradition:

Kick-off/The running down the hill during football games. I enjoy snapping pictures of the balloons as they rise and float away. Sometimes, I’ll go to the game just to watch kick-off. Also, I recently got to know who the tiger cub is, but it’s a secret I’m keeping!


Favorite thing about writing for Her Campus?

I have always had a passion for writing, so this is a bit of a hobby/fun outlet for me. I love getting to explore creative topics to the benefit of readers. It helps me grow as a writer; I’ve started doing freelance writing for other sites, and hercampus helped motivate me to pursue those gigs and add more publications to my resume.


Favorite Clemson restaurant/bar?

Toyko Bay. They have an amazing student special, $10 for two rolls (each roll with 8 pieces) of sushi with a salad or soup appetizer and fruit for dessert

Fun plans for summer:

I recently accepted an internship in Chicago with DePaul University. I’m ecstatic I get to spend the summer in Chicago, it’s a diverse and gorgeous city. On my down time I will be a complete tourist nomming on lots of good food. I can’t wait to just spend some time relaxing at Navy Pier.   

Former Clemson Student Affairs Graduate Student and Clemson House Graduate Community Director. San Juan bred, Atlanta raised me.
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