New Semester, New Clubs, New Me

This is my second year at Clemson University and my fourth semester. Last year was great and all, but I felt alone sometimes. Outside of my roommates, I really only had one other friend that I would hang out with at Clemson. Coming into Clemson, I thought I would have tons of friends, but that just wasn’t the case. This year, I hoped to maybe join a sorority because they look so fun and enjoyable, but I decided against it due to costs and the fear of not belonging. A couple of weeks after classes started back, my roommates influenced me to join Women in Business, a group of women that most likely have a major within the college of business, and a small group within FCA, which is the fellowship of Christian athletes that meets on Thursday nights in Tillman Auditorium. At first, I didn’t want to as I’m more of the introverted type, and the thought of doing something new sometimes scares me. I joined both, and then also decided to join Her Campus after going to an unplanned interest meeting with one of my friends who's in Her Campus.

I’ve now been to two events for Women in Business, both of which have honestly been an eye-opening, interesting experience. My small group within FCA meets on Mondays, and I truly enjoy attending the meetings as well. The girls in my group are so sweet and fun to be around, and it’s almost as if I’ve known them my whole life. I haven’t been to any of the Her Campus events yet, aside from the writer’s workshop, but I definitely plan on attending some in the future! I had also applied to join the Tiger Ties Mentorship program, but while I unfortunately didn’t get in, I plan on applying again next semester.

This semester has been different, to say the least. I have joined three groups and have had different experiences with each of them. Joining a new group or organization can be scary, but the benefits will most likely outweigh all of that. Overall, I am happy with my decision to join these groups and am blessed with the opportunity to meet these new people and experience this time in my life. This semester, I’ve truly stepped outside of my comfort zone, and I’m so proud of myself for that. I found a new “me” this semester, and hopefully, I become an even better “me” in the upcoming ones and join even more organizations and groups.