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Meet the Exec: MegAnn Haubold

What is your name and position?

MegAnn Haubold, Events Director, Secretary, and Treasurer

Where is your hometown?

Easley, SC

What is your Instagram?


How long have you been with Her Campus?

This is my second semester with HC.

What is your favorite thing about Her Campus?

That Her Campus gives our writes the freedom to write about whatever they want! This means that you can write about whatever is important to you, what you’re obsessed with at the moment, or anything else!

What is your favorite article that you’ve written?

I’m really proud of my article “It’s Okay to Be Average: Thoughts From a (Former) Honors Student”.  That article really helped me to work through all of my thoughts and feeling about not being an honors student anymore, and it seemed to really resonate with a lot of other people I’ve met.

What is your favorite punctuation mark?

I’m excited about pretty much everything, so definitely !

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. Meaning that even when you feel like you just can’t do something, doing it poorly is still better than not doing it at all. A 50 is better on a quiz than a 0.

What is your definition of collegiette?

A woman who’s focused on having the best college experience.  Having fun, making friends, crushing academics and getting those internships and interviews.

What is your favorite Clemson tradition?

Solid Orange Fridays!  It’s so cool to see the whole student body covered in orange and looking united as we get ready to cheer on our school.


MegAnn is a junior genetics major at Clemson University. She is currently part of the Calhoun Honors College, involved in cancer and genetics research, and the events director for HC Clemson. You can find her spending too much time in the life science building, trying to convince her friends to be SFX makeup models, and spending time with her roommates and their dog.
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