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A Love Letter to My Hallmates

If you are fortunate enough your hallmates sometimes end up being your best friends while at college.  They are the ones that you meet first on move-in day.  They are the ones who endured the awkward first days and nights of college with you. They are the ones who watched you slowly open up and begin being yourself and loved you for it.  You start to realize that meeting them was one of the greatest things that ever happened to you and they will hopefully be some of your best friends for life.  They are the ones who:


Wake you up from your multiple hour naps singing outside your door.



Let you come into their rooms at all hours of the night.

Give you their stash of food when all you want to do is eat.


Listen to you vent about how stressed you are.

Take your stash of food when all they want to do is eat.


Use funny puns to name your hall’s group chat.

Tell you you’re dumb when you can’t understand their heavy native southern accents.

Jump out at you when you walk by their door just to freak you out.


You end up borrowing clothes endlessly from.

Force you to go to the gym with them because they’re on a health kick.

But beg you endlessly to order pizza with them every weekend.


Promise to open up a future bar with you if the whole “college” thing doesn’t work out.

Make sarcastic comments about your singing ability while in the shower.


Invite you into their room when all you’re doing is watching Netflix with each other on separate computers.

Know you better than you know yourself.

Thanks for a great freshman year!







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