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Sadly, the first home football game has come and gone; so many may be realizing that there is a similar “dress code” for Clemson home games. So some new students may be in need of some help on what to wear and where to buy it. But have no fear; there is plenty of time and plenty of ways to save money before the next home game. 

Football games are the best days on earth, in my opinion. Thousands of people come together to celebrate one thing, the beloved Clemson Tiger Football team. Throughout this past weekend there was so much fashion, that new students were probably left realizing there is almost a dress code for game day in Death Valley. All around girls were dressed to the nines in cowboy boots, Jack Rodgers, orange and purple dresses, Clemson jerseys, and cut off jean shorts. Make-up was done, a tiger paw was painted on one cheek and hair was curled or straightened.


Game day in Clemson almost seems as if it is a fashion show for who can wear their Clemson pride, while still being absolutely adorable. Well, if you were stuck wearing something you didn’t quite like, don’t worry there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade your game day attire.

There are four stores in Downtown Clemson where you can buy dressier game day styles: Tickled Orange, Entourage, Wish, and Raspberry Fizz. All of these stores have killer deals for great clothes. There are sale racks in each and every store, making it nice and easy to dress cute, but still save some money. Wish is the newest store in Downtown Clemson and they do not disappoint. If you find them a little pricey, it is because of the quality of their clothing. This store definitely has your everyday outfits, and maybe even some dressy occasions as well such as semi formal, which no other local store has. Entourage of course, is the Forever 21 of Clemson. They have everything and anything you could ever need. They have great prices, every size, and many different styles to fit your personality. Tickled Orange has great dresses and skirts that are the perfect fit for game day. They also have great jewelry collections and memorabilia for any occasion. Lastly, Raspberry Fizz is great for all memorabilia, accessories, and even better all that is Lilly Pulitzer. They have their own shop, and then an extension that is full of Lilly Pulitzer clothing. They even have some sale options. All of these stores give us girls so many opportunities to look classy, while saving some pennies.

Of course, if shopping does not sound appealing, go to your friends and raid their closets! Take turns wearing certain items and have some fun with it. Also, if you are nervous about shopping alone, grab some friends and head downtown. Try on some outfits and make a mini-fashion show out of it. Have some fun and get ready to strut your stuff in a couple weeks… Until then stay classy, but sassy girls.


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