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Most college spring semester breaks are approaching fast. If you’re a last minute planner or just have no clue what to do, don’t fret! I’ve got some ideas that might spark your interest.


Road-trip Around Your College State

If you’re an out-of-state student, chances are you haven’t explored your current state fully just yet! Ask your in-state friends where the real best places to go are! I’m sure they’ll be excited to give you a bunch of suggestions. They may even offer for you to stay with them in their hometowns- ding ding free lodging!


Road-trip Around Your Neighboring States

Same idea. There has to be somewhere nearby you haven’t adventured to yet! Take advantage of where you are right now and see everything you can while you’re still in the area! Again, ask local friends for the travel scoop. They’ll have the best recommendations. Maybe you can visit them and hop in on their already set plans!


Find a Volunteer Program

Many schools offer alternative Spring Break volunteer trips, both domestic and international! There still may be spots open so check with your college’s Student Affairs office to see your options. This is a great way to do something fun and truly meaningful for a week! That’s super special.


Do a Mountain or Beach Weekend

If you live close enough to either, look into renting a house with some friends! You’ll get to kick back and relax with your closest people. You have the option to be adventurous as soon as you walk out the door. Yay nature!


Find Some Fun Entertainment

If you do stay at school during Spring Break, mix it up by finding cool entertainment options! Are there any amusement parks, drive-in movie theaters, concert halls or comedy clubs nearby? Look into it and see if anything comes up. These could be day trips or nighttime events that’ll have you glad you stuck around!


Find a Cheap Flight

Want something a little more adventuresome this break? It’s never too late to book a flight to wherever your heart desires! Check sites like Student Universe, Frontier, and Allegiant Air! These sites offer super cheap, but legit, flights. Want a trip to the other coast or across the pond? If you can make it work, just say yes. Be spontaneous!


Go Home

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending Spring Break back at home with family, hometown friends, your loving pets, and all your favorite local restaurants! If you’re looking to save this break, home is the best option. You can always find something new to do in your home state if you look into it. Or you can lounge in your bed and catch up on all your favorite shows. Have a movie marathon! Meet up with old friends. Work at your go-to hometown job to make a little extra cash. Snuggle with your pets for hours. Rest up and chill out. There are endless options back at home!

No matter what you do for Spring Break, remember that it is a break! It’s time for you to relax, rewind, and take your mind off all the stuff going on back at school. This time is for you so let yourself embrace it. College will always be there but the memories you make or the self-care you take makes the biggest impact. Enjoy it!

Hey! I'm Juliana Baumann. I'm a Women's Leadership and Psychology student at Clemson University. I stay active at Clemson through my position as a UPIC Intern, and my involvement in campus organizations such as Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, She's a 10, and Her Campus! When I'm not running around from meeting to meeting, you can find me traveling within the US and around the world!
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